Information Factory

Have a look at this interesting video from YouTube.

This video highlights the complex times that we live in - how we live in a world that was simply unimaginable a few years back.
Much of it is raw fact. It simply awes you.

It speaks about the creations of the humans - be it babies, or information, or markets - and how we, in pure ignorance, create all of this by a vast amount.

Makes you wonder - Are the details as told in the video really true?

I can think of one line which can summarize the theme conveyed by the video - 
We are living in a world which can also be called as an "Information Factory" or a "Fact Factory".

And today itself there has been a news article which confirms that the amount of information that we create is so humongous, so vast - that the Peta Byte is falling short - which has led to the arrival of Zetta Byte.

Makes me wonder - what next? Definitely "Zetta" is going to go the "Peta" way - and then we would have Yotta Byte!! 
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