Surprise is an emotion that you feel when something happens which is totally unexpected - or in certain cases, least expected.

A surprise can be a pleasant surprise if it is delightful. If it's not so pleasant, then I would call it "just a surprise". And if it's rather bad - it an be labeled as a shock.

After all, Life is said to be full of surprises!!

What's the best thing about a surprise?

Well, an action or an event - which turns out to be a surprise (however small) - makes you feel happy. This happiness translates into a "feel-good factor" which elevates your mood. And this elevation of mood makes you feel better about yourself, your companions, your surroundings et all.

All of us love to give surprises to our loved and dear ones. We love to see the thrill, the happiness, the satisfaction on their faces as a result of our simple, small loved act.
And if you are the one who receive the surprise - the feeling takes you onto the top of the world.
Makes me wonder about the various means and ways we people have devised to keep us and our fellow beings happy!!

And i do believe in - albeit partially - in the quote below by Boris Pasternak
“Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.”
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