Sunday, 15 February 2015

One Odd Sock

Losing something, albeit small, is painful. 

How about losing one sock of a pair, courtesy a laundromat visit ? And that too a brand new one, which was used only once?

I lost one yesterday.

One Odd Sock
One Odd Sock
Made me think - what should I rue about? the one I lost? or the one that was left behind? Or should I let bygones by bygones?

I don't have an answer yet.

P.S. I am still holding onto this one, in the hope of finding his mate soon.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Beti Bachao

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is pursuing a topic with extreme zeal and enthusiasm.

Beti Bachao - Save The Girl Child.

Beti Bachao
Today, Wing Commander Pooja Thakur is the toast of the country. 

She had the distinction of being the first lady officer to lead the Inter-Service Guard of Honor which was inspected by US President Barack Obama at Rashtrapati Bhavan here today.

Pooja Thakur and Barack Obama

Hats off to her !!!

Read her interview right here.

To take a snippet from the interview :-

NDTV: Last question, when you told your family that you are going to be the first woman in the Armed Forces to lead the tri-services Guard of Honour salute, what did they have to say? How did they react?

Wing Commander Pooja Thakur: They are very proud. After the Guard of Honour, I have hardly been able to speak to them for about 20 seconds, just asking whether they did see me. But they've been very proud, of course. 

Her family is proud of her. The entire nation is proud of her.

On 26th Jan, India's Republic Day, tomorrow, an all women marching contingent will display India's prowess.  A salute to the all of them, and the Indian girls and women.

Women like Pooja and her likes bringing India into limelight, and making her citizens extremely proud. Then why should some of us engage in female foeticide?

Give it a thought.

At the sake of sounding repetitive, I would urge you to read my blog - Save The Girl Child - published a few years back. Yours Truly is giving company to the Prime Minister of India.

Save the Girl Child. Beti Bachao.

P.S. The picture below will ring bells about the power of women. 

Here is Angelina Jolie. Yes, the acclaimed Hollywood actress, who is considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She is also an UNHCR (U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees) special envoy. She was in Iraq yesterday supporting the refugees from the war in Syria and Iraq. 

She was in a city where any world leader would be scared to tread. And just see the resounding welcome she was accorded.

That is woman power for you.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is the talk of the town in the recent days.

I haven't been able to read much of the news everyday, thanks to my busy schedule. Yet, these pieces of news have not missed my eye - courtesy my phone and a few informed opinionated friends.

It all started on 6th Jan when a certain Sakshi Maharaj, a Member of the Indian Parliament, made some really explosive comments.

In Meerut, a city in northern India, to address a gathering on the occasion of Sant Samaagam Mahotsava, he remarked, "The concept of four wives and 40 children will not work in India and the time has come when a Hindu woman must produce at least four children in order to protect Hindu religion."


For years, Indians professed about "Hum Do, Humare Do" (We two, our two - a reference to limit the number of kids in a family to two). Our neighbor - China - advocated a single child policy in the view of the burgeoning population. And the last decade has seen the emergence of DINK (In case you are confused, it means - Double Income No Kids).

And here was a guy who is encouraging a lady to have 4 kids.

The dumb comment was treated with disdain across the spectrum of the society. Thank God the common sense was still prevalent.

Giving him "august" company is the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu. Naidu is the leader of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. A new state, Telangana, was recently carved out of Andhra Pradesh.

Naidu is credited of making Andhra Pradesh and its capital Hyderabad an IT hub. With top organisations like Microsoft based in Hyderabad, the erstwhile land of the Nawabs has seen immense development in the past 15 years.

We would expect such illustrious leaders to be more sensible. Shockingly, he encouraged the people of his new state to have more children !!

"I have only one child. Many people are not bearing children. Even educated people are avoiding children these days." He was worried that if the trend continued the population of the state will dwindle at one point of time. "It is not good to have no children at all," he said. 

"Have more children, keep Andhra Pradesh young, advises Chandrababu Naidu" screamed the headline of a national news paper.

Sakshi Maharaj has company. We already had parents and relatives advising young couples about children. Now, leaders have directly entered the living room advising them about their conjugal and familial pursuits.

A few days back, The Pope, was in Philippines. Visiting the largest Catholic nation in Asia, The Pope addressed a massive prayer meeting in Manila.

On his flight back home to The Vatican, The Pope recollected the case of a woman he met who was pregnant with her eighth child after seven Cesarean sections. "That is an irresponsibility!" he said. “That woman might say, ‘No, I trust in God.’ But look, God gives you means to be responsible,” The Pope added.

He said there are many "licit" ways of regulating births that are approved by the church. This was a probable reference to the advocated family planning method of monitoring a woman's cycle to avoid making love when she is ovulating.

Often seen as a little less conservative, and more modern, The Pope continued to adhere to the Church's ban on artificial contraception. However, he added that Catholics may have a moral responsibility to limit the number of their children and need not reproduce "like rabbits.''

I have discussed the topic about Contraception, HIV AIDS, Abortion and The Church in my earlier blog posts.

Such matters are slow moving ideas. It takes more than a generation to change such thoughts and opinions.

The view expressed by the Pope was a very decisive statement, who enjoys a great following from the across the world.

It's in direct contradiction to the two leaders mentioned earlier.

Perhaps, experience has shown the demerits about throwing caution to the wind.

P.S. Bugs Bunny doesn't need our company. We humans are considered to be more intelligent and informed. Let us stay so.

Read more about Bunnies and their extraordinary capability here.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hold My Hands

It was a frigid winter morning. The temperature hovered in single digits, and mist was in the air.

It was half past seven. Walking briskly towards the bus stop, I saw them ahead of me. Both of them felt the chill of the early winter morning, just like me.

He wanted her to hold his hands. Although she would have loved to do hold his hands, the cold weather was making it difficult. To escape the cold, and the potential warmth of his hands, she crossed her hands across her chest and continued walking.

He was disappointed. He tried to hold her hand again, but to no avail. Ultimately, he too had to bury his hands in his empty pockets and trudge along.

The winter was winning.

I walked past them in a minute or so.

As I crossed the road, I made an assessment about the winner in this situation.

I was sure that cold would lose.

And within a few moments, after I had crossed the road, they arrived back in my sight. 

She was holding his hands - nice, tight and warm. Cold had indeed lost.

A mother's warmth & affection for her son had won over the icy cold.

Hold My Hands
Hold My Hands
P.S.Hold Hands. Share Warmth and Love.

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Patents Are Flat Tyres

It's heartening to see an established leader support your point of view.

Years back, I wrote on the touchy topic of patents - making an appeal to Banish The PatentsYesterday, when I read this piece of news, a smile broke across my face.

Infosys CEO, Vishal Sikka, in a media interview termed patents as a scourge on the software industry.

Patents A Scourge

Sikka stunned everyone when asked about patents. "You touched a raw nerve. I think patents are a scourge on the software industry. Patents are a tremendous disservice," Sikka told in an interview. 

He added, "You see the amount of undue attention that companies focus on these patents. Elon Musk recently did this really unprecedented move to open his patents. It was widely received... We are seriously thinking about rethinking our approach towards patents."

Patents are a Joke
Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa, an American Company that designs and manufactures Electric Cars, announced in June 2014 that his company will allow patents for use by anyone in good faith, with the intention of enticing automobile manufacturers to speed up the development of electric cars.

Sikka added, "I think the software industry and its strange fixation on patents is absolutely wrong and is actually not at all productive to innovation.

Savagery of Patent Holders
While many a leaders are known not to practice what they preach, Sikka closed his interview with a silver lining. 

When asked whether Infosys will open up its patents, Sikka replied, "I would encourage you to stay tuned. We will have to clear this with our lawyers. Let me say this. Life is too short to reinvent the wheel and shorter to reinvent a flat tyre. Software patents are definitely flat tires." 

Yes, that's what patents are - Flat Tyres.

Hats off to Sikka for speaking his mind.

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Destiny

Infinite with hope,
Boundless with dreams.
A dark blind alley,
It's my destiny.

Oh, You Supreme Chancellor,
Creator of my kismet.
What do You have in store,
The flower waits to bloom.

You say, "wait",
Insist it's fate.
It's a matter of time,
N soon its springtime.

In You I trust,
For Your divine thrust.
Please hold my hands,
Show me the way planned.

Woven in secret,
Full of mystery.
Potent n powerful,
It's my destiny.

Our Destiny

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

What's In A iPhone?

It all started on a busy Tuesday evening.

A friend of mine pinged me on the office communicater,  "Did you nominate me for the award?". Dumbstruck, I asked, "Which award?". He replied, much to my elation "I just got a iPhone 6 as a Top Performer Award!!"

I quickly called him on his phone and congratulated him. 

This friend of mine is also my colleague. I had mentored him with lots of care over the past 6-7 years, directly and indirectly. Proud of his success, I congratulated him over email, with a few of his close well wishers in loop. All of them equally praised him over this stupendous, and previously unheard of, award.

Little did I know about the purpose of the award. But I was happy that my mentee got an award.

I headed back home happily. Just as my sister entered the home later that evening, I told her about my friend winning the award. 

Her first question, "Didn't you get the award?" I was dumbfounded. This thought never stuck me. I said sheepishly, "No".

She started negotiating that if I get the award, she would get to keep the spoils. However, I was calm in my mind, and almost certain that I would not get one.

Over the next few days, talks in office revolved around this particular award. A number of names were floating around. The purpose of the award itself was being debated. Every new winner's name was treated, sometimes with surprise, sometimes with happiness and a few times with disdain.

So much for an award. What's in an award? What's in a iPhone award?

All along I kept my calm. I wasn't taken back that I was not getting an award.

Next evening my sister asked again,"Any news on your award?". I said No.

Ah, the questions were getting persistent. Next day, a friend emailed me,"Are you getting the award?" The answer remained the same. 

Later that day, she was very generous with her appreciation toward me. She told me, "I have told people here that if you are not getting an award, the award itself is a farce." I thanked her for her generous words. 

Fast forward to Friday. My sister emailed me - It's in the news. 3000 people are getting an award. And supposedly its a holiday bonus.

Now that was news. For an employee who works in the same organisation. Surprise Surprise!

The same evening I heard my sister telling my mother on phone that some 3000 odd people are getting the iPhone 6 as an award.

Next morning, when I called my mother, she popped the question immediately - "Why didn't you get the award? It's in the newspapers today."

This is when the magnitude of the "missed award" struck me real hard.

I told her,"You need to work real hard to get this award". My mother didn't reply to my reasoning. My sister, who was with me, too didn't say anything. (Yet, anyone who knows me really well, would have said - If you are not working, who is??)

I had been cool and composed in these last 4 days. But this news paper article was going to open a Pandora's Box. Friends, colleagues, relatives et al will be asking my parents over the next couple of days or weeks, on this particular touchy topic of the iPhone 6 award.

And unfortunately, they would have to cut a sorry figure. Who is to blame? Probably, me.

Makes me wonder. Can an award inspire someone and embarrass some others? I don't have an answer. 

P.S. Not that I love the iPhone 6. I am very happy with my Moto G.

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