Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Smile For Me

Bright lights all around,
Yet something so lustrous.
Stumbled upon a diamond,
Just perfect and ageless.

Glittering shining,
Giving me wings.
Enamoring dazzling,
Pulling my right strings.

Putting me on the moon,
A very fine star.
A fleeting chapter,
In my short memoir.

Standing out among the bevy,
Was a pristine beauty.
Vast endless, a sea,
Her Smile for Me.

Smile For Me
Smile For Me

P.S. After a streak of jealousy, a smile for you can put you up. Really up. Right in the skies. Among the stars.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Smile For Someone

I thought she was cold,
A mystery, a story untold.
Never a smile, Hardly a grin.
She always put me in a spin.

Her second name, Enigma,
Divine angel, a diva.
Exuding a glittering aura,
Prim, perfect and alpha.

One fine hazy evening,
A beaming smile on her face.
After winter a spring,
Poised with a demure grace.

The object of her affection,
Left me cold and ashen.
Into my heart, a piercing canon,
Her smile for someone.

Smile For Someone
Smile For Someone
P.S. It has been a long time since I wrote about Jealousy. The next one proposes to be an antithesis.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The World In Conflict

Different parts of the world in throes of war and conflict.

You have Russia, Russian backed rebels in Ukraine, and Ukraine caught in a bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine. This has resulted in wide spread sanctions against Russia. A Malaysian Airlines plane MH17, with 298 people on board, was shot down. All people lost their loves, becoming a collateral damage in a needless conflict.

Hamas from The Palestine and Israel are slugging it out in The Gaza strip for the past one month, resulting in the death of 1800+ people, mostly in The Gaza Strip.

And the ISIS is spreading its tentacles in the Middle East, with the latest being its attack and suspected genocide of Yazidis.

This video, shows a daring operation to drop food and amenities for stranded Yazidis, and rescuing a score odd people - women, men and children (Courtesy CNN). Hats off to the men involved in the rescue.
P.S. It is really unfortunate that many of them had to be left behind.
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Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Bedouin

A Bedouin - Candice Swanepoel
A Bedouin
Sauntering with class,
Leaving behind a trail.
An ace of a lass,
She could calm a gale.

Eyes behind a mask,
With poise and grace.
On a warm sunny day,
She left behind a haze.

The world was her realm,
There she was, on the helm.
On the top, she is alone.
For very lonely, is the throne.

Yet she walks along,
Fulfilling her dreams lifelong.
This world is her's to win,
Won't she, an angel of a Bedouin.

An Angel Bedouin - Candice Swanepoel
An Angel Bedouin
P.S. Keep Walking !!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Art Of Persuasion

Read this interesting article today in The Economic Times.

Effective persuasion involves four steps. 

First, effective persuaders establish credibility. 

Second, they frame their goals in a way that identifies common ground with those they intend to persuade. 

Third, they reinforce their positions using vivid language and compelling evidence. 

And fourth, they connect emotionally with their audience. 

Read more here.

The Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is an skill and art, which is never perfected. It's a skill to be gained with every passing day.

P.S. The article brought back a string of memories from the times when I had the daily task of discussing, negotiating and persuading.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Wandering Soul

This is the story of a wandering soul. 

Seeking a shore, the soul struggles in water, trying to stay afloat. 

Without a direction,
Unaware of the way.
Lost its path,
In the skies grey.

Looked deep, looked inside,
Found something, a nadir hollow.
Seeking a bright sun,
All it got, some cold snow.

Lost around with feet of clay,
When everything seems faraway.
Warped in a timeless roll,
This is a wandering soul.

Wandering Soul
And for lack of better words, I could borrow the below lines.

Lekar Hum Deewaanaa Dil 
Firate Hain Manjil Manjil
Kahee To Pyaare, 
Kisee Kinaare, 
Mil Jaao Tum Andhere Ujaale..

Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Na dhoop chune na chhanv
Kaise teri khudgarzi
Kisi thor tike na panv.

Ban liya apna paigambar
Tar liya sat samandar
Phir bhi sookha man ke andar
Kyoon rahega..

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Cortana And Me

Cortana has been in the news recently. 

Hope you are not wondering Cortana Who? Cortana is the intelligent personal assistant on the Windows Phone 8.1.

And what has been her claim to fame in the recent weeks?

It was this news article in The Economic Times, a week back.

Microsoft's Cortana should consider a career in professional gambling.

The virtual assistant for Windows phones is six for six in predicting World Cup outcomes since the beginning of the elimination round, including the United States' tragic loss to Belgium on Tuesday.

Cortana's predictions are coming from Bing's Prediction Engine, which makes assessments based on each team's previous record as well as a number of other factors like weather, type of grass, and home field advantage (for Brazil).

Cortana's prediction abilities are one reason some have begun seeing the virtual assistant as a legitimate threat to Apple's Siri.

And finally, if you're into gambling, Cortana has Germany beating France and Brazil edging out Columbia in the quarterfinals on Friday.

This caught my eye, leaving me impressed with her abilities.

Cortana has been a trail blazer since then. She has predicted the results of all matches since the Round of 16 correctly. This includes the shock defeat Brazil faced against Germany. Read here. In total, she has predicted the winner of the last 14 matches correctly.

Even Google's prediction engine has not been able to predict the results correctly. It incorrectly predicted the results of the Germany Vs France Quarter Finals.

But is Cortana alone? No, she isn't. Giving her tough competition is Yours Truly.

In my blog titled Football World Cup 2014 Knockouts (read here), I put down my line up for the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals ( after the first day of Round of 16)

However, if all teams play to their strengths, I would put the following line up for the next stages.

Quarter Finals
Brazil Vs Colombia (Already Decided)
France Vs Germany
The Netherlands Vs Costa Rica
Argentina Vs Belgium

At this quarter final stage, the countries are just 3 matches away from holding the Cup.

My Semi Final Line Up is as below :-
Brazil Vs Germany
The Netherlands Vs Argentina

If indeed the semi final line up comes up as I say, it will be delight for each and every football fan. The biggest countries in world football, with the most talented players, will take on each other to win the World Cup 2014.

After this, it is anybody's game. The team who plays the best on the given day, with a bit of luck on their side, and with lots of God's blessings will come up trumps.

Germany vs Argentina is my choice for the Finals.

That makes it 12 matches in a row for Yours Truly ( 6 from the Round of 16, 4 Quarter Finals and 2 Semi Finals).

Call it sheer coincidence, or extreme luck. I would call its God's grace, and teams playing to their strengths.

While Cortana has put forth her name on the line by predicting Germany as the winner of the Cup, Yours Truly has decided to step away from this prediction business for the penultimate and the ultimate game of the World Cup. 

The idea is not to jinx any one team. And let the best team win.

Enjoy the game. Enjoy the Football World Cup 2014 Finals on Sunday night.

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