Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Life Split

Known to growl,
And known to prowl.
I wander with pride,
And I'm often vied.

In the dark jungle,
Still is the night.
Under the shining moon,
Scared n affright.

Colored in gold,
And stripes of black,
Considered very bold,
Still I have cracks.

A tiger at heart,
God's work of art.
With my two left feet,
Sometimes ferocious, often sweet.

My life, less ordinary,
A bird I am, free.
Under the sky, starlit,
I'm a personality, split.

A Split Personality
A Split Personality

P.S. We often have our own failings. Usually, they are kept very personal, very close to our heart, never revealed. 

All of us have a bit of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde withing us. Our life, black and white, has several shades of grey.

We can be as ferocious as a tiger, or as meek as a rabbit.

Explore your dark side.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Happy Diwali 2014

Wish one and all a very Happy Diwali !!!

Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali  

Happy Diwali 

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Keep Chugging

Scenic days,
Pleasing nights.
Keeps you bright,
In good flight.

Summers are gay,
Autumns heralding the cold.
Winters are stark,
Spring assuring growth.

Seasons may come,
Seasons may go.
One thing's certain,
Changes will show.

Life feels uncertain,
When everything is fickle.
Just stay strong,
For life is long.

God gives you steam,
To power your engine.
Sing your mantra,
Just Keep Chugging.

Keep Chugging
Keep Chugging

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Nepotism and Excollegatism

For once, if you search for this word in Google, it does not throw any results.

So what exactly does this word mean? Let me try to help you understand with a few examples and some precedents.

Let's take Nepotism. 

I am sure you have heard about it. The dictionary defines nepotism as - Favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power (as by giving them jobs)

Have you experienced it anytime? I bet you have.

A politician always tries to push up his blood relations or close relatives up the ladder chain. India itself has several examples in this regard ( Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot etc etc ) are all a direct result on such nepotism. Or so it's alleged.

Does that happen in the corporate world too? Yes, it does. Let's tale a couple of examples which come to my mind immediately.

Yes Bank, one of India's leading bank, was sponsoring the Indian Premier League earlier this year. After every cricket match in the series, Yes Bank used to reward a player for his exceptional performance. 

And who represented Yes Bank at such award ceremonies? It was the wife of the chief promoter, or his daughter. Is this warranted? Does a professionally run bank have to rely on wives and children as flag bearers of their brand?

Let's take the more recent case of Mukesh Ambani and his twin children. Just a week ago, his twins - Isha and Akash - were inducted onto the board of Reliance Jio Infocomm and Reliance Retail Ventures. 

What is it if not nepotism? What kind of experience do these two individuals carry that make them a deserving candidate for a seat on the board?

Maybe the answer lies in the fact that we are comfortable working with people with whom we have worked earlier, or whom we know closely.

Take a couple of examples. When Narendra Modi would have become the Prime Minister of India, he brought his team with him to the centre stage. The same would also have been done by Barack Obama. And we see many corporate leaders do the same thing.

This is what I call as Excollegatism (Ex Colleague Tism) !!

Why is it that leaders do not trust incumbents in the office where they have joined? Why is it that they fancy their ex colleagues to do the job for them, rather than the people already a part of the organisation?

Are the incumbents really limited in their skills and talent? And are the ex colleagues really bright, really exceptional? Is this favoritism? Isn't this favoritism? 

This is Excollegatism !!

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn Dreams

Passing Rains,
Unleashing my chains.
Mysterious mist,
Solemn, sun kissed.

Birds soulful,
Humming around.
Angels in disguise,
Fairies all around.

Tender cold,
Making her known.
Crisp mornings,
A dream's throne.

Showing promise,
Something ageless.
Simple and sweet,
My autumn dreams.

Autumn Dreams
Autumn Dreams

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Robin Hood

Well, I am sure you all have heard about Robin Hood. Yes, the very Robin Hood from English folklore.

Robbing the rich and giving to the poor made him popular. 

The story of Robin Hood brought forward one debate. Does professing a cause which would help people excuse a person of his sins? This debate persists till today.

Robin Hood was a hero. No, Robin Hood was a villain. No, Robin Hood could be termed as a heroic baddie or villainous hero. How you label Robin Hood is your very own choice.

The same thought runs through my mind now.

Is it OK to sin to make someone happy?

Have you committed a sin to make someone happy? Does the sin only make that someone happy? Or does it make you happy too, a tiny bit if not more? 

If the sin makes the someone happy, is the action and the cause noble? And if it makes you happy to some extent, does it make the cause a little less noble?

Give it a thought. Are you a modern day Robin Hood?

Robin Hood
P.S. Do you see a bit of Robin Hood in yourself?

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Eradicate Blind Faith

If you are an Indian, I am sure you are aware about the term "Mangalik". And if you are not, just read the next 3-4 lines to get a crisp summary (courtesy Wikipedia).

In Indian astrology, Mangal Dosha is an astrological combination that occurs if Mars(Mangal) is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart. A person born in the presence of this condition is termed a Manglik.

This is a superstitious belief with absolutely no scientific data to back the claim and is believed to be unfavourable for marriages, causing discomfort and tension in relationship, leading to severe disharmony among the spouses and eventually to other bigger problems. This is believed to be caused due to the "fiery" nature of Mars, the Greek planet of war.

That sounds real scary. Does the fear make people think twice about such things?

Next stop - No Moon Day.

Once again, a small snippet - courtesy Wiki (What would we do if Wiki wasn't there?)

Amavasya (Sanskrit: अमावस्या) means new moon night in Sanskrit. 

Except for the Karttika Amavasya (Amavasya of Diwali), the Amavasya is considered inauspicious.

Pitru Paksha (Sanskrit: पितृ पक्ष), also spelt as Pitr paksha or Pitri paksha, (literally "fortnight of the ancestors") is a 16–lunar day period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors (Pitrs), especially through food offerings.

Sarvapitri Amavasya: the new moon day, is the last day of this period, when we remember our forefathers.

What's the highest common factor between a Mangalik and the No Moon Day. 

Read further.

Remember the Mars Orbiter Mission. Yes, India's own Mars Orbiter Mission a.k.a Mangalayaan or Mars Craft.

Built on a shoe string budget of 71 Million US Dollars, India's maiden Mars Mission successfully entered the Mars (remember, its the same Mangal) orbit on 24th Sep 2014 ( a no moon day, that too the Sarvapitri Amavasya).

Travelling for a mind boggling 298 days and 466 Million KMs into outer space, Indian scientist put the MOM into orbit in its first attempt. What grace! What style!!

And this message from a friend summed up what the Mars Mission meant for India.

See the irony..jis desh mey manglik ki shadi nahi hoti or amavasya ko kaam talte hai usi desh ke scientists ne amavasya ke din mangal par vijay paya aur vo bhi shraadh me. eye opener for our blind religious beliefs

See the irony.. In a country where a Manglik struggles to get married, and work is postponed instead of being done on a No Moon Day, the scientist of the same nation won over Mars, that too on a No Moon Day. Its an an eye opener for our blind religious beliefs.

Need I say more??

Indian Mars Orbiter Mission
Indian Mars Orbiter Mission

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