Moonlight Romance

The vast skies,
Decked in blazing crimson,
The sun sets, in reprise,
The moon rises on the horizon.

The radiance fades slow,
God ushers in a blanket dark,
To make our lives glow,
The tender moon appears over the arc.

The reflected beams from miles far,
Light up the sand and sea,
In my hand is a guitar,
To sing a song, and welcome my lady.

My life seems bland,
In your absence,
Will you make it grand,
With your beguiling presence?

You walk in the room,
Shimmered bright, glimmering flame,
My heart does bloom,
I adore you, my dame.

Your attraction is intense,
Your demeanor supreme,
You impress me immense,
You are crème de la crème.

The wait is over,
As I walk upto you,
I feel a lot warmer,
In the presence of lovely thou.

Holding your soft hands,
I whisper words of love.
We walk into the vast sand,
With blessings from Him above.

The wind blows into your tresses,
Fluttering them across my eyes,
I want to be with you for ages,
Never to say any goodbyes.

Jewels are many,
Diamonds are few,
Reasons are many,
Why I bind to you.

Your gait is mesmerizing,
Alluring darling, graced with fragrance intense,
You leave my heart churning,
My passion erupts immense.

Looking into your eyes, deep and dark,
Our ecstary ignites in a spark,
You set me in a trance,
Never should this end, our Moonlight Romance.

Can we have a Moonlight Romance ?

P.S. This poem is for Tisca Chopra. 

Moonlight Romance Moonlight Romance Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Thursday, October 06, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Its sooo sweet n beautiful venky!

  2. The style and the whole poem was very beautiful, love it!

    take care

  3. Why Tisca Chopra ?? I liked the poem though..

  4. All the best hope she is reading :)


  5. Outstanding creation!!

    Loved it.. I am in your fan list :P

  6. this poem makes me understand how guys dream :D :P
    wonderful phrase!

  7. Thanks Mani.

    Thanks Marinela.

    @Ashwini - It was dedicated to Tisca since I liked her acting in a movie :)

    @Bikramjit - I think she didn't read it, although I twitted her :(

    Thanks Wonderwall for following me. Glad you liked it.

    @Sowmya - :) Atleast one of your many questions is solved :)

  8. So romantic... warm sand and a girl how could anything go wrong?

  9. What an absolutely beautiful, romantic poem to sweep her off her feet....


  10. A sweet and very romantic poem. Luv the resonance of moon and your lady coming into the night and lighting up your life