Formula 1 Grand Prix of India

Formula 1 is a sport, like football (soccer), which has an universal fan following. 2011 will be a special year for Formula 1 racing fans across India as the race makes its debut in India.

Formula 1

For years, F1 races were primarily concentrated around Europe, with a race or two across the Atlantic, and a couple of races across Asia and Australia. Asia was modestly represented by races in Japan and Malaysia - thanks to the likes of Toyota and Petronas.

In recent years, F1 racing in Asia has become more popular - with races being held across Malaysia, China, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Abu Dhabi. India will join the elite club of countries hosting a F1 race this year.
Formula 1 Ferrari 2011
The Formula 1 Grand Prix of India is scheduled on 30th October 2011. It will be conducted on the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, just outside Delhi.

Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix Race Circuit
The circuit has been built at a cost of approx 220 Million USD. The circuit has a length of 5.137 KM's and the race will have a total of 60 laps. The sound of the F1 engine revving up would be an absolute thrill for race goers!!

Coming to Formula 1 2011 season itself. The season is almost nearing its end, with just 5 more races to go. The Driver's Championship is almost decided with German Sebastian Vettel, driving a Red Bull Racing just 1 point away from winning the Crown. He has had an exceptional year, winning 9 of the 14 races this year. He has never finished lower than 4th this season.

Sebastian Vettel - 2011 F1 Champion
However, the next few positions are wide open, with Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton fighting it out race after race. This battle should continue well into the last race. F1 race goers in India can hope to see classic driving from these guys.

Friends Off Track - Rivals Off Track
Michael Schumacher to deserves a mention. He is well into his 40s, yet is driving like a champion. Put him into a Ferrari, and he can give Vettel a run for his money.

Michael Schumacher
Check out the entire set of race drivers below.

F1 2011 Race Drivers
Among the teams, Red Bull Racing Renault is all set to win the Constructor's Championship, thanks to their two drivers - Vettel and Mark Webber. Ferrari and McLaren too have had a good season.

Vijay Mallya's team - Force India Mercedes - is doing really well. They are currently placed 6th in the chart. Mallya's strategy of buying a team early has paid of really well.
Formula 1 Force India 2011
Two Indian's are a part of the races. Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandok have been racing this year, but are yet to score any points.

Another thing closely associated with F1 is Glamour. A host of celebrities are expected to attend the race. Among the talking points will be the WAG's of the race drivers. 

Lewis Hamilton Nicole Scherzinger
Among the more famous ones is Nicole Scherzinger, of Pussy Cat Doll's fame, as Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend. And you have Jessica Michibata as Jenson Button's lady love.

Jenson Button Jessica Michibata
You can also have Indian beauties, like Deepika Padukone, representing Force India and setting the track on fire.

Deepika Padukone
All in all, the race promises to be an exciting one. Since its the first F1 race in India, it is bound to get attention. I can hope that it puts India on the map of the racing fans across the world, and help is increasing the tourism revenues.

If you are planning to visit India for the race, you can catch out the Event Time Table right here. The race is scheduled immediately after the Diwali festival - the Festival of Lights - and it can be an interesting experience for someone visiting India for the first time. If you are interested knowing more about the location of the race, and some exciting places to visit, this link will be very useful.

An important point to remember is all this hoopla is to remember that F1 racing is only for professionals. Young kids and men & women should not attempt to replicate the racing skills of Schumacher. Just drive slow and safe. Enjoy the race.

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  1. That's very interesting, I will see it on TV. I'm excited...:)

  2. Congratulations to India on it's new F1 circuit. We've had one in Malaysia for quite a while now. I used to work for Shell and had the honor to meet Michael Schumacher as well as attending a few races in person! That was so cool :D

  3. @Saru - Yes, It's interesting indeed. Like you, all of us will watch on TV - courtesy the ticket prices :)

    @Kiran - It must have been an awesome experience meeting Michael himself!!

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