You were a hidden gem,
In a plethora of stones.
Discovering you my dame,
Was the best of my life's milestones.

I think I know you well,
Yet you are an enigma.
I wonder why we gel,
Is it your beautiful persona?

Listening to you again,
Losing in your words.
We cuddle up in our den,
As if two love birds.

You make me calm,
It's your art mystical.
Holding your soft palm,
We share moments of love subtle.

Your words and ideas mould my life,
Your affection and warmth is rife.
Polish my, my dear goldsmith,
Our love will be a tale of myth.

Exploring your mind is a mystery new,
It's my pleasure, being your beau.
You have rekindled my vigor anew,
Rediscovering you is my dream come true.

Discovering You
P.S. There are people who discover you, and whom you discover. This poem is for someone whom you love to discover, again and again. They have several beautiful mystical qualities, which make the rediscovery a pleasant journey.

Rediscovery Rediscovery Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Sunday, October 16, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. An awesome concept nicely expressed!

  2. Romance and emotions come easy to you...They just flow effortlessly.

  3. Ah! romantic...:)


  4. thts a nice one. Rediscovery of a same person or even place is quiet an experience. We realize, what all we missed the last time, what all we could have enjoyed from then till now...

  5. Wow! heart felt write up! Almost like a fairytale. I loved reading it. Happy days...

  6. I have enjoyed reading your poetry my friend, I found your blogging Space whilst visiting Bikram and I am pleased that I decided to call by here today...

    Do have a most pleasant rest of weekend now :)