Jaws Of Jealousy

Jealousy streaks through my heart,
Wrenching it deep and sharp.
Pierces stronger than a dart,
The soul convulses into a warp.

The eyes are green,
Wondering what could have been.
Occupied with thoughts, dirty and obscene,
Shamelessly mean, hopelessly unclean.

Sights of happiness evoke sadness,
Moments of love elicit disappointment.
The antithesis is profoud,
The mind is a hound.

Morals are absent,
Not even an iota of ethics.
Such behavior is frequent,
Common are these antics.

Is there any cure,
Would anything rectify this behaviour erratic?
The mind is looking for a saviour,
It just wishes to be more civic.

Comparison is the cause,
The mind makes it a needless hoopla.
Snatch your life out of those killer jaws,
The flowers would bloom...voila.

Comparisons are inevitable,
Yet absolutely avoidable,
The color white turns black into gray,
Everyone wins, one day.

To bury jealousy in a deep grave,
I wish God makes my mind strong.
I pray it will pave,
To a life, peaceful and calm, lifelong.

Jaws Of Jealousy

P.S. The mind tried to explore the reasons of frequent bout of jealousy. Comparisons was pin pointed as one of the most important causes. The poem aims to take a step towards avoiding needless comparisons, thereby averting jealousy.

Jaws Of Jealousy Jaws Of Jealousy Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Sunday, October 09, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Beautiful expression and I love the beginning a lot...

  2. great...
    I think everyone must read this and must think on this...
    awesome execution...

  3. Hello.
    As imperfect humans, we are all prone to bouts of jealousy. However, being over jealous can be damaging to oneself & those around us.
    May you find the peace of mind you so desire.

    Nicely penned!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Woman As My Friend And Lover

  4. I hate comparisons...

    Loved these lines:-

    Comparisons are inevitable,
    Yet absolutely avoidable,
    The color white turns black into gray,
    Everyone wins, one day.

  5. you have described it so well! loved every line of it! mind if i quote it some where?:-)

  6. Amen to the thought in the last paragraph..

    lovely way to explain


  7. Absolutely loved it!

    I love poetry and this was a master piece :)

  8. I liked ur honesty. We all get jealous but not all admit it.


  9. grt grt expression :)


  10. thanks buddy!!!

    i needed this poem...!!!


  11. Thanks Everyone, Glad you loved the poem on Jealousy.

  12. Awesome expressions pinning into a poem....
    gr88 work buddy...


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