Why Do Women Marry??

This blog post is the result of a recent news article wherein Carla Bruni shared the reasons on why she married Nicholas Sarkozy.

‘When I met him, walking around the garden in the Elysee Palace, he kept giving me all these flowers’ names,’ said Miss Bruni. ‘He knows all the Latin names, all these details about tulips and roses. I said to myself: “My God, I must marry this man, he's the president and he knows everything about flowers as well. This is incredible.”'
~~ Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni Nicholas Sarkozy
Sounds interesting and surprising isn't it?

Well, Love is a difficult emotion. And you can love for various reasons - from extremely complex to superbly simple.

Here are some interesting thoughts by women on why they married their beau.

"I Married Him For Lots Of Reasons"
~~ Anonymous

"I married him because his last name is Williams. I suppose there are other reasons I married Garett.  But Williams is much easier to spell than Beiswanger."

"I married him because he didn't notice her. I think the only reason I married my husband eventually was that he didn't even notice my sister. I was very grateful to him for that."

"I trust my husband more than the rumours . I married him because I love him."
~~ Kajol

Kajol Ajay Devgan
"I married him because he told me it was the only way he could protect me. If we were just manager and client, my family could do whatever they wanted to get me back, but if I was his wife, they couldn't."

~~ LaToya Jackson

""I married him because he loves Jesus and he makes me a better woman, as well as a stronger follower of Christ. He is good and kind and smart and strong, and on this week of his birthday I praise God that he was born…no matter what year it was."
~~ Sharon

“I married him because I was in love with him and respected him just like people feel in any marriage."
~~ Mrs. Mandla Mandela

"I married my husband because I loved him and he loved me and I think that’s the foundation of any good relationship. I didn't marry him because of his past or because of his future. I married him because I respected him and I realized everyone should realize that people make mistakes."

Phaedra Parks
"Life's never dull with him - that's why I married him. That's why I'm marrying him!"  
~~ Katy Perry

Katy Perry
All these thoughts have one uniform theme. Love has no reasons

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  1. I guess good enough reasons.. But everyone has their own reasons ..


  2. Interesting...ya love has no reasons...atleast no logical ones!!!

  3. a very interesting piece indeed! good job :-)

  4. Everyone has their own reasons, whatever they are, love is at the core of it. Interesting post!


  5. Very Interesting. Good one :)

  6. Agree... Love has no reasons.
    A beautiful post !!