Only If

If there is something in I could Lose,
It would be your Eyes.
If there is anything I would Choose,
A union with you, under the divine Skies.

If there is anyone I would ever Dream,
It would be You.
If I would love anyone to be my Queen,
It would be Thou.

If there is anything Flawless,
It's your beauty, my dear Temptress.
If there is anything Hopeless,
It's my passion Shameless.

If there is someone Ageless,
It's You, pure as a Dove,
If there is something most Priceless,
It's our Love.

Only If You Were Mine

P.S. Only If, Only If, You were Mine, These lines could be yours.

Only If Only If Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Thursday, September 29, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. awesome poem

    loved every line of it

    stay blessed ^_^

  2. wel lwait for that one to come then you can say it to HER :)


  3. I agree with Bikram. :)

    beautiful indeed.

  4. beautifully crafted..
    words havin feel n depth :)

  5. Thank you all :) Happy that you liked it!!

  6. You have a pretty good poetry style - it flows very well.