Walking for miles altogether,
Looking around endlessly.
Struggled as an loner,
The future swinged between bleary and flowery.

Our paths did cross,
It must be by God's grace.
On each other's heart, our name could emboss,
Never ever to erase.

Is it by chance,
That you left me in a trance.
Is it my luck,
That you left me moonstruck.

Losing in your eyes two,
I wonder if we have known others since ages.
Was that a cue,
Our union could be priceless.

Is it your kismet,
Is it my destiny,
I think it's our good fate,
Our companionship would leave us elate.

I will wait for you,
All I can do is pray to Him.
I would never ever wish you adieu,
I hope, our life is happy to the brim.

Be mine forever,
I will be yours,
Both of us would shine brighter,
With His blessing, weave a wonderful memoir.

Only if you know,
I write this for you.
Our fondness could grow,
I could be yor beau.

You could be my dame,
Charming and Priceless.
Burning like an eternal flame,
Our union could be Ageless.


P.S. Only if I could put your picture right above. Yet you know, you could be where it matters the most - my heart and my mind.

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