What Works For Twilight?

What works for Twilight??

Hope you didn't exclaim Twilight What!!! If you did, to the make matters clear, it is one of the most successfull movie franchisees in recent times. 

What is it about Twilight that makes it such a money spinner and a hit with the audience, old and young, men and women??

First of all, its the Romance. Romance has never failed cinema, and will never fail. The reason - love is our eternal need. And everyone wishes to be blessed with unbounding love as showcased in the movie. 

Twilight Romance
Next, if love is near, can A Love Triangle be far behind? Nope. The movie is a love triangle of epic proportions - between an ordinary girl, a vampire who doubles up as a man and a werewolf. 

Twilight Love Triangle
Both, the vampire and the werewolf, love the lady and try to keep her away from each other, possessed with usual bouts of jealousy. As for her, she tries her best to balance between her friends, at times even appearing manipulative. 

Next comes Selfless Love. If my last few lines indicated selfish love, selfless love is one of the cornerstones of the movie. 

Twilight Selfless Love
The next scene is an excellent example of Selfless Love :- The girl loves the vampire. Yet, on a cold winter night, when his cold body would not be of any use to keep her warm, he lets her snuggle in the arms of the warm blooded werewolf.  

The Characters is one of the factors which is making people fall in love with this movie. 

You have a little young girl, Isabella Swan, popularly known as Bella, who is the center of attention. She is affable, pretty and uncertain in love. Then you have Edward Cullen, an eighteen year old vampire, who has been so for the last hundred years or so. He is attracted to her by her enigmatic mind, and she does reciprocate. 

Twilight Cast

To make matters complex, you have Jacob, Bella's pal since childhood. He showers her with love and affection, only to get some of it in return. Most surprisingly, when he turns into a werewolf, he hates himself for it.

The Supporting Characters are diverse. You have a complex cast of personas. A vampire doctor, an affectionate father who is also a police officer, a lady vampire who can look into the future, and another lady vampire who doesn't love her life as an vampire. 

Twilight Supporting Cast
You also have the bad vampires who love to make a havoc, and devour human blood.  

The Emotions showcased in this movies are beautiful and realistic, and a reflection of our daily life. You can feel the love and the passion, the care and the fondness, the hatred and the fear, trust and anticipation. There are moments of pure lust, mad rage, horror and envy. 

Twilight - Attraction and Emotion
Finally, it's The Cast which has made the movie series a grand success. Bella's character is played by Kirsten Stewart, all of 21 years. She is attractive and has done adequate justice to her role. People often accuse her being cold in her character. But what else do you expect, when you are dealing with a cold blooded vampire?

Twilight - Isabella Swan - Kirsten Stewart
Edward Cullen's character is played by Robert Pattinson To say the least, he has struck a chord among all the girls - right from little girls to old ladies. It would be interesting to note that both Kirsten and Robert are a real life pair.

Twilight - Red Carpet
Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black, and is a central part of the movie. And my personal favorite is Ashley Greene who plays the character of Alice Cullen.

Alice Cullen - Ashley Greene
All in all, the movie series is an interesting watch. And with the last movie - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 - set to release soon, Twilight is all set to become more famous.

Twilight - Breaking Dawn

Twilight - Kirsten Stewart - Bella Swan Vampire
Will Cullen marry Bella? Will she become a vampire? Such questions are abound among the Twilight fans. Happy watching.

And the pictures below will definitely set your hearts racing.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella Swan Edward Cullen Getting Married? 
Twilgiht Breaking Dawn, Renesmee Cullen, Bella and Edward's Daughter  

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  1. Well I didn't like Kirsten even a bit. Yeah Alice is cool. And Edward clearly overshadows Jacob. The only reason I watched the movies is because I live the novels.

    I am sure, if I hadn't read the novels before watching the movies, I definitely wouldn't be so patient to witness romance and selfless love beyond violence and bloodshed and sadism

  2. i watch it for one simple reason. yup,,,Robert Pattinson :) and i am not ashamed to reveal it.

  3. I am currently reading the last book. I have read all the movies. I am crazy about it.

    I will post a review of the last book soon - Breaking Dawn

  4. Interesting run down if the appeal of the films. I think it is also key to analyze how are culture promotes ideas like love is all, as I do in my book Seduced by Twilight. So, yes, you document what seduces, but i think the whynis even more important. Seducedbytwilitght.wordpress.com