A Phoenix

Alone alone far from my world, 
I fly, a clueless bird. 
A gust of wind takes me everywhere, 
Alas I am heading nowhere.  

Lost I am completely, 
Weak are my feathers. 
The purpose of my being,
Is devoid and dubious.

All I want to is sleep, 
And sleep forever. 
My heart does weep, 
And cry forever. 

In the dark night, 
My words give me flight.
In the cold I shiver, 
Many dreams, filling up a quiver. 

The more I stay awake, 
The lost heart feels the ache. 
On the bed, I am sleepless. 
My soul feels utterly hopeless.

I wear a bright mask, 
Behind it is a face stark. 
Tonight seems very dark, 
Without a hint of spark. 

I pray to God Almighty, 
To set me on course. 
In the empty night, 
My mind shouts hoarse. 

What I want, 
I know not, 
My mind is stale, 
In a rot. 

A dagger in my heart, 
And I am killed. 
Would it lie content, 
My psyche unfulfilled?

Having a free fall,
Before it reaches the nadir.
It hopes to rise from the depth, 
My soul, a Phoenix.

A Phoenix
P.S. I had written this at 2 in the night, about a month back, as I struggled to sleep.

A Phoenix A Phoenix Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, March 03, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Nice read. I like the twist in the end. 'Before it reaches the nadir, it hopes to rise from the depth'

    And I could totally relate to the 'What i want, i know not':P

  2. You captured the depths of your despair very well...Like the phoneix, I hope you find your wings and fly agian ~

  3. Best line? "My soul, a phoenix." So true. After every fall, the spirit wants to rise. Well done.

  4. what a beautiful poem, sad and a bit pessimistic, but beautiful, with lovely rhymes. Bravo, Vyankatesh!

  5. phoenix- i guess the most celebrated bird... lot has been written n said.
    So much to learn from it..

    As u said, there are moments when we feel like lost, we wander. But as time passes this feeling pass too and wake up in the morning for a fresh start... as phoenix rises from ashes :)

    awesome way of describing it..
    really enjoyed

  6. Picture goes perfect with it! Wish I could write like that!

  7. nice poem... I was feeling bad about the sad situation and was surprised to see happy ending.. beautifully written.. kudos :D

  8. Hello.
    The phoenix has a reputation of rising up again.
    Nice imagery.
    Thanks for sharing.

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