Show Your Love

One of my friends is a keen observer and wonderful at building co-relations. A few days back he narrated an interesting anecdote which caught his keen eye.

The incident went as below.
He brought three cups of hot tea. It was a group of four. She hesitated to have one of the cups. She must have thought, is one me them for me? 

You could see the hesitation in her eyes. You could also sense her expectations. You could feel the apprehension, and the desire. He failed to notice either. 

Either he was ignorant, or didn't feel strongly enough to ask her to drink her cup. After all, one of the cups was for her. 

Time passed. A studied silence followed. 

The shy lady that she was, she went about her chores, hiding her expectations. Finally, after 15 odd minutes, when he asked her to drink, she humbly accepted. Neither did she raise any questions, nor did she show any reluctance. 

Thoughtful about Warmth
She had a couple of sips. The tea was cold. It had lost its warmth. She couldn't gulp a sip more. 

And within the next ten seconds, she threw the cup of once warm tea - almost full - out of the running train. 

The lesson. 
Well, its simple. When you give something to people, tell them that its for them. People are happy when they are told about things which are done specially for them.

And if you are giving love, telling is important. 

Subtle hints work, sometimes. Speaking aloud works, quite a few times. Clear indications work, almost always.

Remember, an expectant heart is always on look for that signal. A green signal. 

Love which is dished out from the bottom of the heart is warm. If it gets lost in time, it becomes cold. 

And if given gracefully, with the right intent, and accepted humbly, in time - it remains warm forever, like the molten kernel of the earth. It is at the core, and it lasts more than a lifetime. 

Show your Love and Care.

Show that You Love
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