I Want To Fly

I Want To Fly

I want to fly,
In the free sky.
Like a bird alone,
The world is my home.

Scale the heights tall,
Fly in the long haul.
Feel the warmth of the sun,
Be crowned a shining beacon.

Cross the long oceans,
Conquer many bastions.
Glide across the mountains,
Across dark canyons.

With dreams in my wings,
I rise in the morning serene.
I flutter, I fly,
My ambitions never dry.

The day maybe long,
I will chug along.
Never let my dreams go,
I want them to forever flow.

I may come home every evening,
Back into my den.
The hopes are always beaming,
Tommorow I will fly again.

The love in my heart,
Motivates a Mozart.
The pride in my flight,
Arouses happiness and delight.

Fly with me dear,
You would have nothing to fear.
We will travel long and far,
Craft a precious memoir.

When you are in a flight,
There is nothing to be in fright.
When the world is your canvas,
Its only love you will amass.

As me, be a bird,
The boundaries will be blurred.
To win milestones every,
As you are, Just be simple and free.

Bird in Flight - Simple and Free

P.S. Thank You for your motivation. 

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  1. I want to fly...how powerful that sounds! Lovely poem :)

  2. beautiful..a motivational poem....and on a positive side

  3. i was feelinf like flying with the flow of your words..
    very positve.. Awesome !!

  4. This is so beautiful.Thanks for your comment.Plses follow my blog too.

  5. So beautifully written and the pics are perfect for this poem.