Green Earth

Whatever I say would not be enough to extol nature's beauty.

Let me go straight to the pictures.

Mountains in Mauritius 
Jim Corbett National Park
On We Trudge - Jim Corbett
Oasis in a Desert - Dubai

Jungle Trail - Kanha National Park
An Ideal Backyard - Kanha National Park 
Miles to Walk - Kanha National Park

Such idyllic settings and infinite vastness make me ask one question - I am a speck in this tiny, beautiful universe. What  is the purpose of my life? 

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  1. Speechless- Nature Treat is beyond human adjectives. Our dictionaries will continue to remain void- when it comes to describing Nature's Beauty.

    Well Captured.

  2. True, the pics are beyond words...

  3. we are indeed small speck of dust..
    in front of these..
    only our good actions can make us lil more valuable !!

    Awesome post

  4. So breath taking places ..see God created them so perfectly , how much more to us human being ?

  5. I say one sentence about these places... "Perfect path for trekking ". Thanks for sharing.