Mysterious Miss

Its been a long time,
Where have you been?
Awaiting a word, Missing a chime,
It seems to be a lifetime.

Where is my Miss Regal,
Shining on the runway?
Where did you vanish angel,
I miss you everyday.

Dazzling beyond midnight,
Is the alluring tigress.
A bright ray of sunlight,
Is the charming empress.

You will conquer the world,
Supreme is your glow.
Your dreams will rise and swirl,
You are a numero uno.

Dazzling is the Diva,
Enticing is your Aura.
You are a Prima Donna,
Lustrous Miss, Enamoring Delilah.

Without you, 
My life is amiss.
I adore thou,
Miss Divine Bliss.

May you always be a gal glamorous,
May you hold the world breathless.
Without you, something is amiss,
Come back soon, my Mysterious Miss.

P.S. This is for You.

Mysterious Miss Mysterious Miss Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Thursday, March 22, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Beautiful ! Very romantic !

  2. well if she comes back she wont be mysterious anymore :)

    romantic poem