My Elusive Friend

The night was breezing, 
Oh dear, she wasn't forthcoming. 
At a time she was my most precious, 
She wasn't giving me her company gracious.

She was a charming seductress,
And an enticing temptress,
I hated to resist her,
Her allure was exceedingly demure.
I closed my eyes, 
Begged her to take me over, 
The tinkering thoughts,
Were scaring her from coming closer. 

She hadn't seen such a restless mind, 
Simple yet intertwined, 
Foolish and hungry, 
But of what it was still in a quandary. 

And then in a whiff the calm descended, 
Keeping her promise she quickly ascended,
Before I knew it was already dawn,
Like the elusive pimpernel, she was already bygone.

P.S. This is for my sweet little friend - sleep herself - for whom I was hopelessly searching a few nights back.
My Elusive Friend My Elusive Friend Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Thursday, April 07, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. I am happy that I came here to your blog,your post is wonderful..

  2. Nice!

    and thanks for visiting my blog.
    have put up some more snaps ...

  3. i liked how u personified "sleep". nice post.

  4. loevly thought!

  5. Thanks Alpana, The Restless Souldier, Magiceye!!

    @Devilzangel, Confusedyuppie - I Love her so much, she deserves the best appreciation!!

  6. "And then in a whiff the calm descended,
    Keeping her promise she quickly ascended,"--- This one was magical...

    Nice piece of writing there...
    Keep it coming!


  7. lovely !! the elusive queen really sleep ..