I extended my hand warm, 
Stretched my little finger. 
Wished to feel your lovely charm, 
And love sweet and tender.  

The solitariness was cold, 
The emptiness so stark. 
The fingers clutched my palm, 
And colored my lonely heart dark. 

Like a lovely angel, 
You held my hands icy.
Set my heart flutter,
And just made me feel dainty. 

Like a beacon selfless, 
You guided me for miles.
When I took to the skies, 
You were all smiles

P.S. Holding Hands - the simplest and greatest way for showing your affection - is never out of vogue.
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  1. True!
    Loved the way you wrote the poem with all the tender feelings and emotions :)

    Cheers! :)

  2. Lovely Poem!!
    Im one of your newest followeres from the high five!

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  4. Thanks Magiceye and The Genius Bloggers!!