A Royal Wedding For Kate and William

Just a couple of weeks back, I started my blog post with a similar title with the lines below

Boy loves girl. And girl loves boy. Both of them think that they are made for each other. And decide to spend the rest of their lives together. They get married under the loving and proud eyes of their parents and close family. This would be the story of any normal wedding.

But this is different. This is The Royal Wedding.

Well, today, the same boy and girl are man and wife. 

Prince William of Wales has married his heartthrob Kate (Catherine) Middleton. In a glittering ceremony which brought London to a halt, the royal prince and his commoner sweetheart took their wedding vows under the loving eyes of 1900 odd people.

Prince William kisses HRH Kate (Catherine) Middleton After The Royal Wedding
And as they shared a sweet kiss on the balcony, the crowd gathered to witness this momentous occasion for the British royal family raised a toast to them.

Prince William will now be referred to as The Duke of Cambridge while his wife HRH Catherine (Kate) Middleton will be taking the title of Duchess of Cambridge. Titles apart, they will be importantly referred to as husband and wife.

Just a few years back, they studied together at the university. It is here that their romance blossomed.

Kate and William At The University

It was just half a year back that William and Kate announced their engagement. And since then the world has been looking forward to this day. William being the eldest son of Lady Diana has always been a favorite with the people.

William Kate Engagement

It was just yesterday evening that this picture featuring Kate Middleton was  snapped. And these were one of the last few of hers as an ordinary girl-next-door.

Kate Middleton As An Ordinary Lady

The same elegant lady was transformed into a stylish, pretty bride today morning. You can sense her excitement and William's love as they walk to the altar.

William and Kate At The Altar
Kate William Exchanging Rings
Love was in the air. You can see the pride and the happiness in their eyes. Also seen were William's younger brother Prince Harry and Kate's younger sister Pippa Middleton, sharing a small chuckle as their elder siblings walk hand in hand.

Love Is In The Air
The guest list spanned from royals to politicians, statesmen to sportsmen. Lots of fans supporting the royal wedding camped outside the wedding venue for the last few nights, hoping to get a glimpse of Kate and William on their D-Day. 

The Junta
Yet, in all this euphoria, if there was someone who was missed, it was the Late Princess Diana.

You can sense the euphoria at the moment Kate walked onto the balcony of the palace in the eyes of the little girl at the bottom of this picture.

Euphoria At The Wedding
In a royal tradition, William and Kate drove in a horse driven carriage after the wedding. 

After The Wedding

Prince William Kate Middleton - Just Wed
Just Wed Kate William After The Royal Wedding
And in true vintage style, they drove off in a car - with a back plate named "Just Wed".

Catch the official royal wedding photos with Kate and William right below.

The first one just features Kate and William immediately after they were pronounced husband and wife.
Kate and William - Husband and Wife
The next one features Kate and William with the little boys and girls who participated in the wedding as pageboys and bridesmaids.

The Royal Wedding Photo of Kate and William
And finally Kate and William with their respective families.
Kate and William with their family

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