When Shuffle Really Works

MP3 shuffle works - but you love it the most when it plays some great melodies - back to back. After all, who would not love a personal jockey - who dishes out the best songs - one after another.

Well, after a long long time - my MP3 player (who also works as my cell phone, and my offline blog notebook) - played out some good surprsies. 

The first one was Bas Ek Pal - from the movie with the same title.

The song is a bit sad - but has great music and some awesome lines.

I like these the most.

Sunaah hain Mohabbath ki Thakdeer mein,
Likhein hain andherein Ghanee,
Thabi aaj Shayad Sitare Sabi,
Zara saahi roshan hue...
Mere haath ki in Lakeeron mein
Likhe abhi aur kithne... sitam,
Khafaa Ho gayein hain kushi
Waqt sey ho rahein hain meherbaan gam

The next one was from an album - Relax, Take It Easy.

What more can I say?Just relax and take it easy. There is an answer to the darkest times.

And last but not the least, one of my all time favorites - Dil Chahta Hai.

Often I find myself echoing the thoughts of the next four lines.
Kaisa Ajab Yeh Safar Hai,
Socho To Har Ik Hi Bekhabar Hai
Usko Jaana Kidhar Hai,
Jo Waqt Aaye, Jaane Kya Dikhaaye

Great music never fails to uplift a sagging spirit!!
When Shuffle Really Works When Shuffle Really Works Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. I just created my youtube playlist today with all the music videos I like...I think there is noone in this world who dislikes music.

  2. Love the song...but to UB..Aurangzeb hated music and so does Subramaniyam Swamy the politician.