Love Knows Boundaries

You might have heard about the quote - Love Knows No Boundaries.

On this quote rested the hopes of millions of women and men. This is what made them think that they will win the world - the world of Love, and live happily ever after. This is what made then dream about the wonderful world brimming with joy. This is what would make their world - from real to ideal.

But then, I would say - Love Knows Boundaries. 

I'm not sounding defeatist, am I? Or am I sounding like a loser?

Well, Love knows boundaries. Boundaries of the mind. Boundaries drawn by the world. Artificial boundaries. Boundaries which can be crossed, but of which we would think twice. Virtual boundaries. Realistic boundaries. Thorny boundaries.

Oh God, so many boundaries??

But has there been an ocean that has never been navigated? Has there been a boundary between lands which has never been traversed? Didn't mankind cross the boundary of space and make it to the moon?

Well, Love knows boundaries - You should just know how to cross them.

You should just build the bridges. Bridges with strong foundations. Bridges that would stand the strongest of the tides. Bridges which would overcome the obstacles.

Bridges that would take you to the farthest of the lands, like the deepest me the veins, to the only place that matters - the heart.

Are you building your bridge?? If not, start now!!

Maybe that's why SRK said these lines while serenading with Preity.

Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan,
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan.
Kaisi sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan,
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan.
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  1. Well, Love knows boundaries - You should just know how to cross them. Very well written.

  2. Love is the most hyped myth in today's times, love has its own boundaries, in terms of adjustments, compromises, adaption, acceptance and the likes. Then there is family, religion, society and even friends.

  3. You have a nice blog here...the posts are short yet meaningful. I am following the blog.Thanks for visiting Freebird.

  4. I agree :) "love knows boundaries, and love knows how to cross them too " now this completes a happy picture!


  5. Coming straight from 'Love of the air' to 'Love at your desk'. Your thoughts are a great read.

  6. Thanks UB, Alka, Sarah and Nandhini - glad that you liked it.

    @P00ja - Thanks. You have rightly highlighted the boundaries. Maybe that's what makes love a myth.

  7. Love doesn't know boundaries; it's the world that creates boundaries around love. :(