Convert Files Across Formats

Technology is growing at a very rapid pace.

At the heart of any technology is saving files and reading files. The techniques of saving files differ with every technology. But you can harness the powers of these technologies if you have something which acts as a bridge between them.

Did your machine (computer, laptop, PDA, cell phone) say this to you sometimes?

Or did you find yourself in such a quandary sometime?

Well, my predicament a few weeks back was something similar. I had to download videos from YouTube and play them on my computer - which could play MP3 or FLV files. And I also wanted to play them on my humble cell phone - which could play only 3GP files.

After trying out several online file converters - some of which worked, some which did not, some with very limited capabilities, some which worked for only specific file formats - I stumbled upon this very interesting website.

It was aptly titled - Convert Files.

Beautifully designed, it lets users converts files with various purposes - listed below
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Presentations
  • E-Books
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Archives
  • Audios
  • And the Eternal Others
It supports conversion over approximately 70 formats - all on a single website.

You can upload a file from your PC or give in a hyperlink, and get it converted.

Without doubt, it is the best file converter website I have come across - a one stop shop for all such requirements.

Hope it is sucessfull. Keep up the great work guys!!
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