Just One Word Short

It amazed me greatly, 
That we admired each other generously.
Yet it was that one word short, 
Which kept up apart. 

It surprised me to no extent, 
That we said it all.
Yet it was that one word short, 
That destroyed it all.

What kept you shackled?
What made me sit on the fence??
With all this knowledge of our glorious language, 
We couldn't say that one sentence. 

Would you cross the bridge?
Or Would I cross the chasm??
We left it to each other, 
Only to see each other farther and farther.  

Were you nervous?
Was I afraid??
Well, we would never know, 
It's a secret we would carry to our grave. 

That One Word Short, 
Would it ever make a difference?
Only if I knew the answer, 
I wouldn't let such a mistake happen!! 

P.S. I'm surprised why such thoughts rumbled though my meek mind at half past one in the night.

Just One Word Short Just One Word Short Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, April 06, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. thats beautiful vyankatesh. and at one- a sign of a true writer

  2. Hey Confusedyuppie, Thanks for your kind words.