What Is Missing?

What is missing?

Did this thought cross your mind recently? Did you wonder about something which was missing in a certain aspect of your life? 

Maybe you were pondering about that thing which was lacking in your professional life? A little something which could make your job (your work) a bit more fulfilling?

Or were you mulling over a finer point in your personal life? Something which could make your life a bit more satisfying? A bit more complete?

Or was it about that small missing piece of the puzzle in your social life?

You must be wondering as to why I am asking these questions. Well, it's because I watched an excellent movie yesterday -  Vicky Cristina Barcelona, directed by Woody Allen.

It's a movie that revolves around four wonderful protagonist and the eternal question - What Is Missing?
Rebecca Hall In Vicky Cristina Barcelona
The movie stars the pretty Rebecca Hall and the beautiful Scarlett Johansson as Vicky and Cristina respectively. 
Scarlett Johansson In Vicky Cristina Barcelona
On their summer vacation in the beautiful city of Barcelona, the girls try to delve and solve the puzzle of their life. And you can feel the weight of the question on their mind in these pictures.

It's a story about Vicky who considers herself to be realistic and grounded. She thinks she knows what she wants. And in fact, she gets what she wishes. 

Yet, when she eventually gets what she desires, she is a bit unhappy about it. But trying to be inline with her identity, she goes on with life.

It's a story about Cristina who doesn't know what she want. She knows only what she doesn't want!!

But yet when she experiences a life full of love in Barca, the difference from the ordinary life stings her and she goes back to her own unsure life.

Then you have Penelope Cruz starring as Elena Maria - as the eternal muse of the artist Juan Antonio, played by Javier Bardem.
Penelope Cruz In Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Starring as ex husband and wife, they share a lot of love for each other. Yet they ruminate over something missing in their life which prevents them from sharing selfless love.

Yet, it is Elena who recognizes that missing piece of puzzle when Cristina walks into their life - bringing in stability for both of them.

She sums it up beautifully with the next lines.

Before you, we used to cause each other so much pain, so much suffering. Without you, all this would not have been possible. You know why? 

Because you are the missing ingredient. You are like the tint that, added to a palette, makes the color beautiful.

Well, all of us think about something devoid in our life. After all, we are humans and our needs, our desires, our wishes are infinite. 

We all can hope that when that missing piece of puzzle does fall into place to complete the picture, we recognize it instantly, and feel the happiness that it brings to us!!
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  1. I saw the movie but never thought about it in this way....also the first half of the movie was nice but I did not like the second half...

  2. Right, a good movie always raises a couple of questions needed to be answered:)

  3. beautifully written. I have watched the movie and I can tell you. this added a different flavor to the movie.

  4. @Mattias, Alka - Thanks for dropping by.

    @UB, Paulami - Thanks for the kind worrds of encouragement.