Every time after I Give, I have second thoughts about my decision. 

Selfless Giving
Should I have not given? Should I have held back? Was it a wise decision? Would the decision stand the test of time?

And being a selfish soul that I am, I calculate how it (read giving) will benefit me? A sense me fear engulfs me. I am apprehensive and nervous. 

My mind flip flops continuously with thoughts and consequential events which could occur, due to this act of giving.

Is there anything that I give which does not elicit a similar response? 

After a lot of thought, I narrowed down on something which is free, yet extremely valuable. It is precious and rare, yet abundant. It doesn't cost a cent, but is priceless. 

You crave for it. However, it is available in limited measures. Sometimes, rare. Many a times, non existent.

It makes the giver and the taker happy. It creates feelings of happiness that know no bounds.

Yes, it is Love.  

Giving Love
P.S. Someone once said, "I love to Give. It takes the weight off my heart, and makes someone happy."

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  1. Remembered the Shakespearean poem "The Quality of Mercy" from The Merchant of Venice that I'd read long ago in school. It had this lovely line - "Mercy is twice-blessed. It blesses he that gives and he that gets." :)

    Great thoughts, Vyankatesh! :)