Midnight Poison

She passed by me in a flash. Her eyes caught my attention. Her gait held me in awe. I exclaimed wow, and thought that this would be last I would see me her. 

Destiny had something else in store, as she came and sat right in front of me. Her beauty brought tears in my eyes. Her eyes growled in silence. And fluttered a million feelings as her glance caught me.  

Her smile had already doubled my heart beats. A smile crowned her pretty face as the snow covers the north pole. It was perennial and mystical. 

She was shy yet demure. She was tender yet brash. She was petite, yet classy. 

Eva Green
She seemed lost in the world around her. And I was lost in her thoughts. The book in my hand had lost the race to gain my attention. She had won handsomely. 

She was a polished princess. She was a dearie queen. She was raw and ravishing. She was a soothing siren. She overshadowed everyone around. She cast a spell on me. 

She was glowing. A warm halo surroued her. Her hands held her in warm embrace. How I wished it could be me. In her moments solemn, dreams were her companion. How I wish it could be me. 

Her simplicity and obedience astonished me. She deserved more respect. She deserved supreme respect. She wanted her confidence to be nourished, so that the tender caterpillar that she was could be transformed into a majestic butterfly. 

She had appeared like a flutter of invisible air. And she would disappear into the night, an enamoring angel would become an elusive pimpernel. To be lost forever. 

If I lay awake, her thoughts would occupy me. I thought, It's better to sleep, forgetting her thoughts, rather than defying the laws of nature. 

Fate and fortune have a habit of being quirky. I always wanted to sleep on a beach, under the stars and the moon. 

And tonight, she obliged to be My Star, My Moon. She was my Midnight Poison.

Midnight Poison
Epilogue :- 

I showed her the words of appreciation I had written for her, she narrated the below composition softly in my ears.

A carpet of green grass, 
Covers dear earth.
Hidden beneath are treasures many, 
Waiting to be discovered. 

Dig a bit, 
Explore a little.
There is lots on offer, 
Let me show you my mettle. 

You could have won me, 
Made me your very own. 
Wish I could rewind time, 
To make myself your own. 

The moment now has passed, 
Laws of nature binding us mortals.
I an sorry your dreams are dashed,  
In our life next, we could be One. 

P.S. This is for a sweet Midnight Poison. And I have already lost her, never ever to meet her again.

Eva Green Midnight Poison

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  1. Well, you don't know when you will come across her again.

    This is beautifully written :-)

  2. Dont say that..who know whats store for both of you in FUture! you never know! all you have to do is stay hopeful:)