A Spark

A spark. A flash of light in the unlikeliest of the places can change a life. Well, maybe it was a spark, millions of years back, that actually created life on dear earth. 

It's a glimmer in dark. A moment of brightness that can change the course of your destiny. A flare which can define your future. A spark can set a fire. 

That word - Can. The instance of the spark is bubbling with potential, like a pregnant pause. 

The timing of the spark is important. The split second at which the spark occurs can realize your numerous dreams. 

A spark in winter can kindle a flame, which can give warmth. And a spark in the midst of summer can set up a fireball. 

A spark in a rainy season can prevent the fire from starting itself. Yet, if the spark is strong enough, it could translate into lightning, which can open the flood gates of heaven.

The circumstances of the spark can fulfill many a dreams, yet leave some unfulfilled.  

A Spark
A spark is little form of a majestic lightning. Akin to it, it takes a lot of factors to trigger it. And two main elements - the heavens and the earth.

Hopefully, we come across a spark, under the heavens, blessed by God Almighty, in the right settings, which can alter the course of our destiny. And pray that it opens up the flood gates of our good fortune.

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  1. this is what mind scientists call the "aha" moment when an idea (spark) occurs in our brain... Nicely written.

  2. I have no words! Just WOW!! How could write this up so well??? :)

  3. A spark of beauty inspires the artist to create....I see it here :)

  4. sometimes ppl wonder how tiny things can bring out a change..
    the sparks u mentioned are perfect answer 4 that..

    enjoyed ur writing as ever !!

  5. And i admire that spark in your brain, which conjures such wonderful posts. Lovely!