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Working with computers, my desktop is the most common thing I see everyday. If there was some kind of competition among the stuff (on my PC) which wins my attention the most, then my desktop would win hands down.

The thing that I like the most on my desktop is my Wallpaper. Here's a quick low down of the wallpapers which have caught my attention over the years due to various reasons.

The first one is a plane wallpaper.

American Airlines Plane
This was the time when I was yet to travel on an airplane - about seven years back. And the thoughts of an airplane and their majestic sight was on the top of my mind. This made the wallpaper a winner.

Next one is a snap of a lady whom we know as Asin.

This was like 6 years back. Asin hadn't made her Bollywood debut, and she was a rising star in the South Indian film industry. It was her rustic beauty which caught my attention.

Thankfully my lady colleague, with whom I shared a desktop, didn't mind her wallpaper.

Next one was this Camping pic.

Camping We Will Go
Calm water, idyllic settings, golden skies offered a very calm outlook in the midst of often confusing work environs.

Some 4 years back, it was this beautiful wallpaper of the Taj Mahal which had me hooked.

The Taj Mahal
It was said that this picture was the best ever snap of the Taj. I wouldn't disagree. The sight of the majestic Taj, with the dry Yamuna in the background, adorned my desktop for years.

Another picture which held me in awe was this snap of Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal is the largest fresh water lake in the world, located in Eastern Russia, in Siberia. It is the world's oldest lake, 30 million old, and also the deepest, averaging 744.4 metres. It has a shoreline of 2100 KMs.

Folks at work had planned a trip to this beautiful lake. Disappointingly, it didn't materialize. This serene snap reminds me of God's creativity.

A couple of years back, it was this picture of the calm sea's which decked up my desktop.

Calm Sea
Blue skies, calm water, simple boats, a wide horizon, white clouds - all of them could set my dreams alight.

And somewhere in these years, Uma Thurman had me bewitched.

Uma Thurman 
Her eyes spoke a million a million words. Need I say more?

Finally, these days, it's this picture of a plane taking off making its mark on my desktop.

Air France - Dreams Taking Off
This picture is a symbol of hopes and dreams taking off. Aircraft's have been one of the greatest inventions of mankind. The manner in which those giant bodies take off, carrying with them hundreds of people, and hope and faith of thousands of men and women is simply mind-blowing.

I'm not sure on who invented the concept of desktop wallpapers. But whoever it was, I would like to thank him or her from the bottom of my heart, for giving wings to my dreams while sitting on a simple PC.

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  1. Beautiful ....I love 3rd one the most.

  2. a wallpaper can tell so much about the owner ?

  3. true.. wallpapers holds a spcl place, given the amt of time we spent on our PCs...
    u give a lot of thought to your wallpapers..
    and yeah... inspirational wallpapers makes u feel really good n positive !!!!