Flying Elephants

A friend told me something yesterday, and it goes as below :-

"If you want 'quality', 'low cost', and 'shorter time to deliver'... I can give you only Two".

I would like to add the below.

The person who made the demand (which prompted the above response) can be sometimes (or many a times) unreasonable. Maybe, the person is bound by his internal unreasonable compulsions. 

In such a case, you can reply back to him, "Tell me a way to make a baby in less than 9 months, and I will give you Quality, and Low Cost, all in a Short Time".

If a stunned silence doesn't follow, then the sun will not rise in the east tomorrow morning.

Unreasonable Demands - Flying Elephants

P.S. Flying Elephants exist only in cartoons.

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  1. A wise answer and it should got him thinking a little longer, hehe...

  2. An awesome reply indeed..
    and just to say sun will rise in East :P