Seven Years

It's been seven years, since Joe became a Pro. But Joe is too tired today to write anything :)

So what does Joe do? Well, he reads what he has written an year back.  Catch my thoughts on Joe The Pro.

Maybe, the feeling is a bit more reinforced. And most importantly, a big Thank You to God Almighty for giving me strength all these years. 

But yes, why not summarize it with a few cartoons.

This is how I felt when I started with work. Everything seemed so alien.

Slowly, I was a part of a team. And succeeded in the endeavors. That's when I felt happy and proud.

And there were times when the expectations were high. Very high. I wondered what next? What shall I do more? 

That's when the boss said - Whatever it takes!!

There are times when I've been overloaded with work. To speak literally, I can recollect a few-many days of staying back continuously at office. Or rushing to work with just a brush of the teeth. Those were the moments of madness!!

And I wonder how my reportees feel when I rush to them with work. I hope, not as below. :)

All in all, it has been an interesting experience, full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness.

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  1. Congrats dear :) for the successful 7 years

  2. Congratulations from another pro! Its another milestone to pass through.

  3. Congrats..! Nice collection of cartoons.. and words, they tell a story..

  4. congrats on the 7 years ...
    there is a english line that men have a 7 years itch.. :) he he h

    Well done


  5. Thanks Sanch :)

    Thanks Ashwini, KP and Bikramjit.

    @Bikramjit - The thought has been running through my mind for the last one month, since i knew that the day was approaching!!

  6. A nice post Vyankatesh.. Congrats on completing 7 years... The images were too good :)