Dream Weaver

I wonder why I always paint a picture which gets washed away before it gets dried. I ponder why I always plant a sapling which does not simply stand the test of time.

I know that drops make an ocean. But with me, the drops get converted into water vapors. I ruminate why the flower always wriggles out before it blooms.

I mull why I always build castles of sand only to see them washed away by the waves - of time. I think why I always weave some dreams, only to see the threads get torn away.

A dream I weave,
Try my best to conceive,
It only does me deceive,
My heart does grieve,
Circumstances urge me to unweave,
Yet, I will try again.. to weave.

Dream Weaver Dream Weaver Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. it is part of life at times,

    you will survive, that's what I can tell.

  2. keep trying and give you best always ...


  3. Nice way of taking abt life in a half texual and half poetic way! well, as others before me has cited that is wat life is.. just keep weaving!! :)

  4. Nice take on Life..
    and yeah i agree
    Yet, I will try again.. to weave.

    Life is to go on n on !!

    Nice read

  5. Thank You The Poetry Palace, Bikramjit, Ashwini, KP and Jyoti - for your kind words of motivation.

  6. Read some real nice thing after a looonng time. Thanks to you Venky...

  7. "Circumstances urge me to unweave,
    Yet, I will try again.. to weave." loved this part...all abt being an optimist :)nice thoughts and equally well presented...

  8. Thanks Simran :) Long time.

    Thanks India's No 1 Blog for your motivation.