It's Her Day

It's Friday. The end of the week. The beginning of a weekend. :-) 

Well, as I left office, my mind was a bit unsettled. Drawing out cash from the ATM took more than the expected time. And by the time I was done, the clock read 6.58 PM. Just two more minutes for the 7 o clock bus to depart, and there was no way I could have made it in time.

I sulked. I had missed the 7 o clock bus. And I would have to wait a full thirty minutes for the next one. Not a good wait for an idle demonic mind. 

But, Surprise Surprise. As I just walked out of the exit, the bus was just rolling into the bay. And guess who stood there. It was her.  

She hadn't crossed my thoughts since the last weekend - when I wondered if we would have A Tryst Forever. And there she was again. Miss Enigma. Stylish as ever. 

She bought a smile to my face. And happiness, even as I write this...For Her. 

I wonder whats between Me, Her, and Weekend's. Maybe nothing

That's when my MP3 rolled on. 

Tujhe milke laga hai ye,
Tujhe dhundh raha tha main,
Tujhe milke laga hai ye,
Tujhe dhundh raha tha main...

Tujme hai kuch aisi subah sa,
Jiski khaatir main tha jaga sa,
Aa tu mera khwab sajaa ja re...

I thanked God for playing this song at an opportune moment. After all, today, I didn't have the mental strength a write a poem for her. And this was my song for her.

Miss Enigma
But then, things happen. And here I am again, for Her.

I know your name, 
Not yet. 
Your claim to fame, 
A beautiful persona, stunning and great. 

Mesmerizing and Enchanting,
You were at your alluring best.
It brightens up my evening,
If I could be with you, I would be blest. 

In a moment fuzzy, 
You will walk away far.
If you look back at me, 
I know the door to your heart is ajar.  

If you don't turn your head,
My heart would miss a beat.
I wouldn't let the sorrowfulness spread,
My hopes wouldn't deplete.

Some another Friday,
Both of us could be gay.
With Lord's blessing,
It will be you, me and everything.

Only If She Looked Back
If you are wondering on whether she looked back, she didn't. I was disappointed. And if you are wondering if my heart missed a beat, Yes, It did.

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  1. It seems love is in the air...:)

  2. I can feel your emotions for her... Someday she will turn back and approach you and that time you will stand speechless :)

  3. Hope she comes in your life never to leave ...whoever she is.

  4. well well .. No worries on if she did not look back.. SHe will soon ..

    But then I would also say why wait for her to look back , Yo utake the first step No harm is there ..

    all the best


  5. crazyness ki bhi hadh hothi hey!he he he :)i hope u get her

  6. @Saru - A Li'l bit :)

    Thanks Anand, Alka, Chitra and Bikramjit for your kind words :)

  7. Good Piece of writing.. She might look back some day...