The Real Beauty

Walking down the garden, a moment of silence had engulfed us. The sound of the rustling leaves and chirping birds was making itself evident. We were meeting after some three weeks. I sensed something was troubling her mind.  

"Sweetheart, do you love me?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, I do. I love you from the bottom of my heart." I assured her.

"Why are you asking this question?" I asked further.

"Seeing all those beautiful and pretty girls, I wonder - whether you still love me. I do not even come to be as good as those stunning beauties."

"What is that within me that made you choose me over them?" she questioned.

"The answer is simple. You are a real beauty." I replied looking into her eyes. And she caught into my loving gaze.

Real Beauty
She knew that I was man who loved details. And she recognized this reply was going to be long.

"Do you remember the thought - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?" I asked.

"Yes, I do."

"Well, in my opinion, that thought is a passe. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder - and beyond. It lies in the thoughts and the feelings."

Her eyes lit up.

"It is not the visual beauty that only counts. There are several other things which make a lady a beauty. And believe me, you epitomise many of them."

She smiled.

"You are an intelligent lady. And when I refer to intelligence, I mean interpersonal intelligence. The way you talk to people, show care for them and give them the required attention stands out. I just love it when you give me an ear. You are attentive to my needs and my thoughts."

"Then you are so patient. Just the opposite of me. Yet, you are persuasive. I wonder how you manage to be patient yet persuasive."

She urged me to go on.

"You are compassionate and gentle. Haven't there been innumerable difficult moments in my life when you have shown me supreme compassion? It was that love which helped me tide over those challenges."

She nodded.

"Do you know that before I met you I was anything but an extrovert? Your enthusiasm, your joyfulness, your excitement has helped me discover this hidden side of me."

"You have taught me to be content with my life. You have taught me to be sincere and sensitive. You have shaped many aspects of my personality."

She said a soft yes.

Real Beauty
"Do you remember me from our initial days of courtship? You must have seen me having frequent bouts of anger. Yet, in these last few years - haven't I made a complete transition?"

"Yes, you have."

"Well, you are the reason behind it. You are the person who helped me to learn about forgiveness. You taught me to let go, to forgive and forget. You helped me in becoming gentle and tolerant. I am grateful for all of that."

"I have learned so many contrasting things with you. It was you who taught me to be cautious, yet bold, in taking decisions."

She was happy discovering how she had influenced me in many positive ways.

"I have learned to be humble in those moments of success. And strong in those moments of difficulties. You have given me wings."

"You have made me the man I am today. And I'm grateful to you for all of it. You have a beautiful heart. You have beautiful thoughts. You have passed on these important characteristics to me - so selflessly."

"You are not perfect. You are real. And this is what I like about you."

"You are a complete woman and you made me a complete man. That's why I call you a real beauty."

She was glowing with pride. I held her soft hands and gave her a warm embrace. She beamed with love. I was happy she was with me.
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  5. Thanks Anjaani, Farila, Someone is Special, Prerna and Monika.

    Glad you liked it.

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    Yes beauty isn't perfection for in our imperfections lies the real beauty...
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    Writer you remind me of my close friend.

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