Falling In Love

Walking down the dark woods, Jack and Jill shared a pregnant pause.

Jack And Jill
That's when Jack asked Jill, "Hey, Why do you think we have never fallen in Love?"

Jill answered, innocently, "That's because we are too afraid to fall."

On her fumbling steps, she added, "Like I'm afraid right now. Only If I had the assurance that you would pick me if I ever fell..."

She left the sentence incomplete.

Jack pondered over her sketchy answer. Jill didn't know how she had come up with the reply.  

And both of them kept on walking, sharing the hushed silence.
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  1. Thanks Farila, Amar and Sub. :)

  2. hey vyanketesh,

    very beautiful and touching.
    I just got reminded me of my first love.
    Though it was a very random person i met him through this website and fell in love.

    Cant thank these guys enough.
    have a look !

  3. Thanks Blue Lotus, Angel and Richa :-)