AnonymouS Girl

On a weekend night, 
Relaxed and lazy.
Our paths crossed without any foresight, 
How so unintentionally.

Within a little time,
We had to go in directions opposite.
With interest sparked in the meanwhile,
How could we part and not again meet.

And we did connect,
Again and again.
Some short and long meets perfect,
Now and Then.

When meetings were interrupted,
Intentions weren't ever doubted.
And when encounters were rare,
It was never a nightmare.

Shared thoughts many,
Discussed ideas innumerable.
Exchanged views and opinions amply,
Experienced many a chortle and chuckle.

Who was the lady,
What was special about her?
Why did she have an aura starry,
And a persona dazzler?

She was intriguing,
And interesting and flawless. 
She was a lady bubbling,
A girl AnonymouS.

Anonymous Girl - You Know Who You Are
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  1. nice poem
    beautiful photo

  2. Beautiful poem, Very well written!

  3. Whilst I was in school, I held this man Antonymous in high regard. I always appreciated the volume of poems he'd written.

  4. nice poem..
    the topic increases the curio of the reader to read it..