A Breath Of Freshness

Like a moon half,
She shone through the night dark.
Let out a cute laugh,
Ignited a wild spark.

Magnificent grace,
With a hint of charm.
Superb style she did encase,
Along with a confident calm.

Decked in a necklace colorful,
With two crowning shy eyes.
A dress that was artful,
She scintillated like the fireflies.

Her eyes twinkled,
With a smile dimpled.
I was almost lost,
In her sweetness glossed.

Discovered a starlet cracker,
Admired her illuminating brightness.
All that I could do was covet her,
She was a breath of freshness.
A Breath Of Freshness
A Breath Of Freshness A Breath Of Freshness Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. A breath of freshness!!! Nice!!!

    Take care!

  2. Nice Poem!
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