Intentional Foul

You might have heard that football players are the best actors.

They act as if they are tripped by a player from the opposite team, just to have him get a card - sometimes a yellow card, which is just a warning. Sometimes a red card is handed out, resulting in the opposition player being sent off. With one player being sent off, the chances of losing are high.

Many a times, such acts of deceit are done in the penalty box. In such a case, a penalty is awarded and in most of these cases, a goal is scored. Usually, such a penalty makes a difference between losing and winning the game. 

Over the years, players have become experts in such acts. They cheat with amazing accuracy, so that the referee does not punish them.

You must also remember Zinedine Zidane being sent off for his head butt.

This incident, however, was extreme. 

In a game on Monday 2nd May 2011, between Cardiff and Middlesbrough, a player knocked off - hold your breaths - a referee. Surprisingly, the referee on the side lines was a lady.

The player was Kevin McNaughton. The lady went by the name Sian Massey. It is clear from the video that the act was done intentionally. Worse still, he did not bother to ask the lady how she was after she got up. 

Girls complain that chivalry is dead. Forget chivalry, here even basic etiquette's are not honored.

The lady was a proud professional. She got up and without blinking an eye went about her job. It was indeed a case of a job being well done. 

As for the poor fellow, it was a bad mark on his career. And if he has a girlfriend or a wife, she would definitely be ashamed of this act.
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