When Her Eyes Met Mine

The possibility of my crossing roads with her today were bleak. A quick mathematical calculation in the mind made the odds look very high. Almost impossible. 

A thought darted through my mind. There is always a ray of hope.

I often love to have my cup of coffee slowly and solemnly. There is nothing better than sipping a cup of pipping hot coffee - having those wandering thoughts for company. 

Luck however seemed to be on my side. And I gulped the cup of lukewarm coffee with amazing speed. I wonder how? I wonder why??

She was a brisk walker. And my nimbleness wouldn't do the trick. I almost broke into a quick jog. Fast enough with long steps, yet slow enough so as not to attract attention.

A small job was to be done on the way. And I did it with amazing alacrity.  Within a moment she was in my sight. Like an elusive pimpernel, she disappeared quickly. I almost broke into a sprint.

Circumstances bring in interesting situations. And in one such God created circumstance, our eyes met. 

And as I thanked God, she gave me her million dollar smile. 

When Her Eyes Met Mine

And before I knew, in a matter of twenty seconds, in what seemed ages, she did her disappearing act. Until then.


When her eyes met mine,
Sweet and sublime.
She broke into a smile,
Cute and beguile.

In a moment she disappeared,
Leaving me in a void.
Yet in my thoughts she appeared, 
Leaving me buoyed.

When Her Eyes Met Mine When Her Eyes Met Mine Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, May 07, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Nice and lovely one.. :) :)


  2. Would like to know what happened after wards?

  3. Thanks Tanvi again :)

    @Alka - She disappeared :( . If there is another chance encounter, I will post a sequel.

  4. Thanks Rachit, Deepazartz and Maneesh :-)

  5. You put down my own feelings very well in this short and sweet post. Having had many a such encounters myself in the past, I can really identify with your words. :)
    Loved it!

  6. hope it is that anonymous girl..
    keep blogging..
    ur blog looks good..

  7. did you have a 2nd encounter wid her??

  8. Thanks Angel, Anjaani and Jassie

    @Anjaani - She is not the Anonymous girl. Anonymous Girl is actually my friend :-)

    @Jassie - Haven't had a second encounter yet :-(