The Winner

 Four quarters make a pie classic,
Two hundred & six bones form a body majestic.
Many tiles to complete a jig saw puzzle,
Million drops to make an ocean bubble.

Spokes are many,
Lynch pins are few.
You are strong and feisty,
We couldn't do without you.

You are the bright polestar,
Without you, we couldn't conquer.
You are the shining pulsar,
You are the winner.

You Are A Winner

The Winner The Winner Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. You are a winner indeed :)

  2. Writer ,you are also a star that shines to everyone .

  3. I really like to appreciate the attitude with which this post is written.... Really adorable !!!

  4. Thanks Rachit, Jyoti and Angel - Happy that you liked the poem.