Love And Motivation

Time - 2.20 PM

An empty seat says it aloud :-

Nothing motivates you better than doing something for your love. Nothing inspires you greatly than achieving something for your love. 

Love Is Our Motivation

Time - 9.10 PM

SRK's voice rings through my ears.

Ho bas agar tum humaare sanam,
Hum to sitaaron pe rakh de kadam,
Saaraa jahaan bhool jaaye,
Bas nagmein tere pyaar ke gaate hi jaaye.

Inspired By Love

Motivation is infinitely proportional to the love. 

My motivation. Your love.


I miss you. I missed you a few days back. I miss you now. This time I know, it will be long... really long. Maybe... I fear to say... forever.

Heart Breaking,
Mind Shattering,
Your Absence is Aching.

Would we meet,
Or each other greet,
Only Time will tell.
Love And Motivation Love And Motivation Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Thursday, June 02, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. only one word....... Beautiful !!

  2. Seems coming straight from the heart.
    :)- Sim

  3. Writer ,don't let her go ,it's breaking! Yes, i believed the only best motivational factor in life is LOve. Without it all seems be worthless and dead.

    I like your blog clean and attractive.

  4. Very touching !!