The box colorful opened,
Out rolled some marbles priceless.
One of them was darkened,
Very ordinary and aweless.

They gathered a lot of steam,
Gelled together like a team. 
She barely managed to roll,
Fell behind with her simple soul.

What did she lack,
Only to wander side track?
What did she possess,
Only for her to digress?

Like termites small,
This ate into her confidence.
By the time it was nightfall,
Killed was her conscience.

Going into a shell,
She became a recluse.
For long did she dwell,
On what made her lose.

She tried to reflect,
The more she felt abject.
Nothing seemed to be perfect,
Not surprisingly did her they reject.

Moist eyes gave her company,
The world left her aghast.
A soul weakened and bleary,
She was an outcast.

Outcast Outcast Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, June 11, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Full of emotions, though poignant
    but it was a good read !!!

  2. extremely moving though full of truth of life :)

  3. Alka, Jyoti, Rachit - Thanks for visiting. Yes, it was sad and reflective :-(

  4. You were right sometimes your writings are depressive; yet meaningful and heart touching. Nice read.

  5. Wow. So beautifully written!

  6. Indeed, whatever written is true. You were right. So are sometimes super confusing. :|

    Visit me sometimes. Hope you will like my blog too.