A Girl A Lady

Simple without aim,
Intriguing was the dame,
Modesty she could claim,
Ravishing was the gem,
Artistic beyond fame,
Nothing I wouldn't acclaim.

All I could do was proclaim,
She was a girl beyond exclaim!!
A Girl A Lady
Stylish was the lady,
Intelligent and chirpy,
Mesmerizing and friendly,
Rational and brainy,
Astonishingly choosy,
Nostalgically glitzy.

A rock hard and toughie,
She was a lady smarty!!!

P.S. Lady under the sequin - You know - This is for you.
A Girl A Lady A Girl A Lady Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, June 08, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Writer ,wow ,it's a sincere admiration! Lucky is your Monalisa !

  2. Venky,this is awesome. Hope to see some more from your treasure. :)

  3. simply awesome .... Loved it !!

  4. Thanks Ria, Angel, Simran and Jyoti.. Glad that you liked it.

    @Simran - You are welcome to unearth :)

  5. wow nyc One
    aLL smiLes n cheeRz..!! :))

  6. Amazing blog,specially this particular post helped me figure out a title for one of my upcoming post! Keep up the work!