~~ Understanding Value through the eyes of a Banana

Everything has its own value at a particular time. Including me.

The same value is not applicable before its time and is not understood after its time, or so they say. 

Before its time, it does not consider itself fit for consumption. And later, it is too ripe for consumption. 

What does someone with such a small shelf life do? 

Most importantly, Take pride in its existence. 

Secondly, understand that value is relative. What is valuable for someone is not valuable for someone else. And what is not valuable for one person is invaluable for another person.

And last but not the least, consider itself good enough for consumption at all times. 

After all, there can be someone in this food chain who can devour a raw item or relish a extremely ripe stuff. 

And the ones that consume can be the best in their league.
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  1. You stated the value of VALUES very well.
    It was a nice read.

  2. They only that matters in this world is not the status that we have in society but the values which one held,is all that matters

  3. Well written.. so value of time is important in all times.

  4. Yes, indeed it is a true thought. The message is now conveyed. :))

  5. Thanks Jyoti, Angel, Suphala, Simran.

    Glad you all agree.

  6. I like the optimistic banana thought. :)

  7. good correlation and well written

  8. Thanks Fruitforbidden and Sanjay.

    Optimism is indeed like a bright sun :-)