Bed On The Beach

The air was calm,
With a hint of moist.
The water was warm,
On the sand it did foist.

Kissing the shore,
Touching the sand.
The waves did soar,
The scenery was grand.

The sand was soft and white,
Castles around were numerous.
As it was almost twilight,
The earth looked as if an empress.


 In a moment the sun went down,
Only to rise tomorrow morning.
The revelers headed for the town,
Leaving behind someone beaming.

The moon rose on the horizon,
The sparkling stars adored the sky.
The lighthouse shone its beacon,
The vivid canvas caught my eye.

The temperature dipped,
It was lovely and cold.
I rolled and flipped,
On the sand old.

The view stretched till infinity,
The ships sailed in the distance.
Oh world, you are such a beauty,
You awe me with your brilliance.

The water roared softly,
Kissed the sands sweetly.
Touched my legs gently,
Sleep descended on me quietly.

On The Beach In The Night

P.S. Sleeping on the beach in the night has been one of my dreams - yet unrealized.

Picture 1 Courtesy - This Site.
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  1. that was actually rhyming.. :) loved that .. lovely :)

  2. fantastically written...
    loved the rhyming.

  3. Awesome...loved it. felt so close to the sea while reading it.

  4. i donno but somewhat this poem felt very romantic to me......well I think its the beach effect nice words and very good poem....following you.

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  5. @Alka - Glad that you loved it.

    @Bhavna - Thanks. It is romantic, with a missing element - she herself.