My Queen

Back from the corporate jungle,
Past the mad urban streets.
You almost made my feet crumble,
My heart missed some beats.

Full of innocence,
Brimming with love.
A clear conscience,
White as a dove.

Dear you were pure,
With a warm glow.
Indeed did you allure,
I said a soft hello.

Talking like a kid small,
I blabbered words garbled.
For your love did I befall,
Smiled as you chortled.

In you did I lose,
In a moment found myself serene.
Your warmth did effuse,
I love you my queen.

My Queen - The Little Baby Girl
P.S. The company of innocent, pure and lovely children is the most pleasing. They make me lose in the world of their own, devoid of the realities. Ultimately, they transfer me into a world full of Love!! 
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  1. shez so so cute...god bless...worth million royals.....i'm following you through get your blog followers