Cooling Ideas

It's summer time. The temperature is hovering in the late 30s and early 40s. One of the most important things in summer is to keep yourself and your mind cool.

Summer Time
Well, the traditional ideas are in play. Some people are using the Air-conditioner. Others are using the water coolers. The rest, including me, have the ceiling fan for help. And when there is a power shutdown - the newspaper comes in handy.  

Off late, I noticed something interesting.

A simple exhaust fan (the one's that you use in the kitchen), throwing the air out of a closed room - makes the room a cool place. Interestingly, it stays cool for quite some time, even after the fan has been switched off.

Now if it really cools, would it be useful as a cooler? Well, to check that it will worthwhile to check the energy consumption of these items. This site was helpful for this purpose.

Monthly Electricity Consumption
As we can see, the energy consumption of a domestic exhaust fan is comparable to a small air cooler, and much lesser than an air conditioner. Importantly, you don't have to refill it with water. Another advantage is that it's easy to fit into a room.

As for the disadvantage, it does make a lot of noise. But then you can have some technique to make it a bit silence. 

Have you noticed this phenomenon? And considering all these points, can this simple exhaust fan serve as an slightly less expensive and simple cooling idea?
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  1. We do the same thing- actually have two fans in my room- a table one and one with a stand- one near the computer, another near the sofa! Nice to see it scientifically presented though:)

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