The One

So near yet so far,
The door to my heart is open ajar,
Just walk into my life dear,
With you, I won't have any fear.

The distance between us is small,
In your love, I desire to thrall,
Wish my hand held your hand soft,
Your dreams could hold my life aloft.

You meet someone by chance. It is this chance which could alter the course of your life.  This someone can be become co-sailor as you fare through the seas - high and low, rough and wild, calm and serene, and indeed long. 

Destiny's job is make our paths cross. Destiny, I think, has done her bit. The rest is up to us. We are yet to do our bit. Are you my someone? Am I your someone?

Today you are a someone, 
Tomorrow you could be my special one,
I pray to God, many a times zillion,
All I want to be is your One.

Can You Be The One??

The One The One Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. destiny is a big thing, you meet so many people but THAT One is always someting to watch for ...


  2. I agree with Bikram, destiny plays an important part in life.

  3. nice lines


  4. Last verse was a superb..
    beautifully composed !!

  5. Thanks Everyone, Glad you loved the poem :)