Swabhimaan Pride

Moments of Pride, Dark Pride, take me and you over once in a while. Whatever may be the reason, commonly what is left behind are bitter thoughts. 

Each of these situations help the mind learn one important point - Swallow such moments of Pride, It never has any downside.

Moments of Swabhimaan and Pride,
Wreaks my mind, colors it amber.
Good and bad thoughts collide, 
The baddies become the winner.

Pride colors my judgment,
Hampers the chain of my thoughts.
The mind is needlessly blunt,
Such moments are dark blots.

It ruins my calm,
Disturbs the peace of my mind.
I wonder if there is some balm,
To resolve these thoughts, hopelessly entwined.

Ending up being unreasonable,
Acting like a hard liner.
I do feel bestial,
What remains behind are thoughts bitter.

Wearing a mask demonic,
The mind becomes self centric.
All I feel later is toxic,
Breaking this puzzle is cryptic.

I may lose a chance,
Never to get it again.
It's the devil with whom I would dance,
It would close many an entrance.

How do I cure the vice?
I need to step back, once or twice.
It would definitely suffice,
To deflate these moments of pride.

Swallowing my pride,
Doesn't necessarily mean losing.
Any sadness will quickly subside,
The mind will be quickly bustling.

What matters most,
Is overpowering the momentous shark.
What is important and foremost,
Is swallowing such flashes dark.

The mind will never hold a grouse,
Everyone will feel a lot warmer.
If there is someone who would lose,
It would be the devil anger.

Moments of Pride are many,
It's important to act calmly.
I will feel a lot happier.
It's me who will be a winner.

Deflate The Bubble Of Pride
P.S. This thought has been rumbling though my mind for quite a while, almost for an year or so. One such moment yesterday, laced with shameless pride which was almost conquered by myself, prompted me to pen this poem.

Swabhimaan Pride Swabhimaan Pride Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, October 22, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. "momentous shark"..... how aptly described! :) Absolutely love your poem, I'm sure many of us could relate to this, cheers:)

  2. Awesome!
    What a unique theme to write on..
    Only as we grow mature, do we understand how futile such false pride's can be

  3. The topic is unique and I can connect to few lines. Great work:)


  4. This was interesting to read. And enlightening..

  5. ~What matters most,
    Is overpowering the momentous shark.
    What is important and foremost,
    Is swallowing such flashes dark..

    Really nice flow of words! Me liked me liked. :D
    You write well.

  6. Well crafted poem, enjoyed reading it :) Our pride does take an upperhand at times and snatches away the possibility of peace. In case you were interested, I have a poem that touches the same topic and is titled 'Harmony'. http://sprigblossoms.blogspot.com/2011/09/harmony.html


  7. Hello.
    Visiting from The Poetry Pantry.

    You've expressed something we all have a problem with...foolish pride comes before a fall.

    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Undress Me With Your Sultry Eyes

  8. one of your best
    coloring judgement, collision of good n bad thoughts

    great !!
    Loved it :)

  9. I see writing poems is your forte :)