A little caterpillar that I was,
Wriggling out of my tiny cocoon.
In those moments of generous applause,
I thanked God for His divine boon.

Transformed into an color butterfly,
Majestic, with wings tender.
If there is something for which I would vie,
It would be myself, my thoughts inner.

I wish to be an elegant lady,
Charming and priceless.
Modest to the hilt, like dear sweet Betty,
What stands out is my simplistic chicness.

Painting a picture of my hopes and wishes,
I love to weave a dream.
Close to my heart are my beautiful sketches.
Aren't they gems in life's endless stream?

My feet are firmly on the ground,
Yet all I want to is fly.
I am a princess uncrowned,
I have my eyes on the sky.

If there is something lovely,
They are my thoughts.
I'm searching for my prince deary,
For dancing the gavotte.

I'm a girl at heart,
A lady in my mind.
Where are you my dear sweetheart,
In your love I will be blind.

The road ahead is long,
Twisted and turned with challenges many.
I want to be with you lifelong,
As we conquer those milestones glitzy.

I promise to have a heart kind,
Just wish to be enormously generous.
Hope to do some good for mankind,
Would strive my best to drive away the darkness.

In a garden, dazzling with grass green,
Sitting under the rustic old tree.
My thoughts race to be your queen,
I desire to lose in your love, sweet and mushy.

To solve the puzzle of this life glorious,
I would do many a Sadhana.
Your companionship will drive away my loneness,
All I want to be is your Cinderella.

I want to be a Cinderella

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  2. Now wasn't this beautiful :)

  3. Your poetry is WONDERFUL, Vyankatesh! SO many lovely verses in this one!

    "My feet are firmly on the ground,
    Yet all I want to is fly.
    I am a princess uncrowned,
    I have my eyes on the sky." ~ LOVE it :)

    A pleasure to meet you here :) Thanks so much for visiting by blog and leaving a nice comment ~ I look forward to reading more of your beautiful writings!

    Best Wishes,

  4. So beautiful and mesmerizing poetry

  5. Beautiful poem, love the choice of words...

  6. oh wow, this was really nice and well written, loved th eflow,a nd th euse of words .. absolutely beautiful

  7. Brilliant Poem!

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