A Game Of Chess

A Game of Chess,
Isn't our life?
We play our moves with finesse,
Our soul and mind still ends up in a strife.

I wish I could be a Bishop,
The champion of moving across.
What would I gain by moving crisscross,
Maybe gather some useless moss.

I wish I could be a Knight,
Wouldn't my moves set the game alight?
Many a gaps I would filtrate,
Even with my blinkers, I wouldn't win a move straight.

I wish I could be a Rook, strong and fine,
Take many a steps, but only in a line.
Constrained to the corners, I find myself stifled,
Sacrificed many a times, by just getting castled.

I wish I could be a Queen,
Powerful and hopelessly mean.
Given a chance, I could show my mettle.
To the king, I end up playing the second fiddle.

I wish I could be a King,
To lead a life generous and sparkling.
All I can take is a step at a time,
On the crown I would wonder, was it worth the climb?

Superior to all, but a mortal mere,
My life would hang by a hair.
Never again would I want to be a king,
Is it worth more than a shilling?

The best I could be is a Pawn
Strong, with enormous mental brawn.
I may be minimally armored,
Yet I always move forward

Dreams are many, strengths are few
On my moves, hinges many a rescue.
With my limited abilities, I always lead a gambit
Ain't I a battle favorite?

The battle ground is black and white,
We may fall, still stand again upright.
Two sides of the same coin, is a loss and a win,
I just wish to lead a life, satisfied within.

Life is A Game Of Chess

P.S. As I contemplate on what happens next, and reflect on the actions of the past,  the future, at best, looks uncertain. What would be needed ahead is immense focus, careful thinking, lots of luck and God's blessing. Only then I could lead a life which feels satisfied within.

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  1. Love how you correlated the game of chess to the game of life! Penned wonderfully and with good rhythm. The last verse ties it all together and your thoughts in the P.S. all add up to BRILLIANCE!! Amazing post! :)

  2. simply awesome!!! please keep on writing...

  3. well thats what chess is patience, focus , strategies and hold ground :)

    all the best with what you are doing
    beautiful poem


  4. This flowed nicely and was brilliant through and through. Clever piece! Indeed one cannot be satisfied without God. All the best wishes for the future.